Population: 68.2 mn.
GDP: 19.3 bn.
Debt: 5.4 bn.

President Joseph Kabila's constitutional term ends in 2016. Reports say the Mouvement du 23 Mars is regrouping in the east while rebels in Katanga will also prove to be a challenge for the national armed forces. 

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  • Vol 55 No 8
  •  18th April 2014

Terms of abuse

The President's bid to change the constitution to allow him to stand for a third term has failed

  • Vol 55 No 7
  •  4th April 2014

Hitch for dam plan

The Inga III dam on the Congo River has a few more obstacles to overcome following a new World Bank report

  • Vol 55 No 4
  •  21st February 2014

Kabila wants cash for polls

Kinshasa wants foreign assistance for the long-delayed polls but is unlikely to get it without some searching questions about fraud

  • Vol 55 No 1
  •  10th January 2014

Mines and militias set mood

Kabila may leave office in 2016 or seek a third term: both threaten more political mayhem. Militia threats remain while Katangese mines boom

  • Vol 55 No 1
  •  10th January 2014

Coup bid raises alarm

December's attempt to seize power was bound to fail but Kabila still needs to worry about the festering underlying causes

  • Vol 54 No 24
  •  22nd November 2013

The Atlantic ports puzzle

Kinshasa cannot decide whether to develop its own outlet to the Atlantic or depend on Brazzaville. It’s all about geopolitics and special interests

  • Vol 54 No 22
  •  1st November 2013

Rebels on the ropes

Barring a sudden intervention by Rwanda, little stands in the way of the defeat of M23 by a newly invigorated national army

  • Vol 54 No 22
  •  1st November 2013

Kony keeps up the terror

After 25 years of mass murder, the Lord's Resistance Army continues with impunity as African and Western efforts fail to capture its top commanders

  • Vol 54 No 21
  •  18th October 2013

To go or not to go

The Speaker of Parliament, Aubin Minaku, shocked the country on 11 October when he announced in an interview on Radio France Internationale that President Joseph Kabila would leave office after the 2016 presidential election. Article 220 of the Constituti...

  • Vol 54 No 18
  •  6th September 2013

Holes in Kabila’s big tent

The President’s aim of creating a national consensus is stirring up political discontent and the arrest of dissenters doesn’t help

Displaying 1-10 out of 304 results.