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Population: 69.36 mn.
GDP: $32.7 bn.
Debt: $6.08 bn.

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Poll delay cheers Kabila

Delays to the compilation of the electoral register have now ensured that President Joseph Kabila stays in office beyond when the next elections should take place. The electoral co...

The Kinshasa shell game

The President has been wooing rival parties to come into his big tent but some have their own agendas

The Tshisekedi clan has done it again. Félix Antoine Tshisekedi, son of Etienne Tshisekedi wa Mulumba, the octogenarian leader of the opposition Union pour la démocratie et le pro...

Katumbi treads a fine line

Critics claim the Katangese billionaire is in cahoots with Kabila but supporters say he wants to stand on his own terms in his own time

Moïse Katumbi Chapwe, the man that opposition politicians hope could unseat President Joseph Kabila, has spoken out against the government announcement that national and presidenti...

The missing coltan princess

Belgian and German police are seeking 'Princess' Odette Maniema Krempin, a key witness in the mysterious disappearance in Kinshasa in May 2014 of Stephan de Witte. He was the accou...

Kabila clouts Katumbi

The President wants to stop potential rivals in their tracks, something that may explain the corruption investigations of major politicians

The President’s Special Advisor for Good Governance, former Justice and Human Rights Minister Emmanuel-Janvier Luzolo Bambi Lessa, has issued a document asking Prosecutor General F...

Ivanhoe rides into the elections

A dispute between a Canadian conglomerate and the Mines Ministry points to battles over the coming elections and Chinese cash

Buccaneer mine owner Robert Friedland claims to have discovered the world's biggest undeveloped copper mine at Kamoa, in Congo's Katanga Province. He has also brought in one of Chi...


Talking longer term

Having failed to get Parliament to change the constitution to give him another term in office, President Joseph Kabila launched a new 'political dialogue' on 1 June – apparently to...

EU adopts 'weak' code

The European Parliament is set to ratify a code on conflict minerals, putting it at odds with US legislation and angering campaigners

In the week of 18 May, the European Parliament is set to ratify the European Commission's long-awaited proposal for a system to ensure the responsible supply of 'conflict minerals'...

The best man not standing

Moïse Katumbi has said he won’t stand for President but many forces are at work trying to persuade him to change his mind

Supporters of the Katanga Governor, Moïse Katumbi Chapwe, seem unwilling to take no for an answer after his many refusals to stand for the presidency. The calls grow in streng...

Roots of a governor

Moïse Katumbi Chapwe is the son of Nissim Soriano, a Jew with Italian citizenship from the Greek Mediterranean island of Rhodes, and Virginie Katumbi, a Bemba from Congo-Kinsh...

Displaying 1-10 out of 416 results.