Population: 69.36 mn.
GDP: $32.7 bn.
Debt: $6.08 bn.

Despite pressure from inside and outside Congo-Kinshasa, President Joseph Kabila could still find reasons to postpone the polls but the parliamentary and presidential elections are due to be held on 27 November. According to the constitution, he is not allowed to seek another term.

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  • Vol 56 No 4
  •  20th February 2015

Poll date set

The Commission électorale nationale indépendante (CENI, the electoral commission) has named 27 November as the date for the next parliamentary and presidential elections. The announcement came on 12 February, two days after Russ Feingold, Un...

  • Vol 56 No 3
  •  6th February 2015

Kabila's conundrum

A wave of repression costing dozens of lives and hundreds of arrests failed to prevent Parliament on 25 January from defeating President Joseph Kabila's bid to postpone next year's presidential election until after a census (AC Vol 56 No 1). He now faces ...

  • Vol 56 No 1
  •  9th January 2015

Hell no, he won’t go

Kabila’s determination to stay in power regardless of the legalities poses major risks – but the economy is looking up

  • Vol 55 No 22
  •  7th November 2014

Don't look now

The High Court in London ruled late last month that the hearing on the law firm Dechert's disputed bill to Eurasian Natural Resources Corporation should be held behind closed doors. ENRC instructed Dechert as its operations in Africa and Kazakhstan came u...

  • Vol 55 No 20
  •  10th October 2014

Conflict over conflict minerals

Arguments grow over whether measures to ensure mineral exports are conflict-free need strengthening or are damaging local society

  • Vol 55 No 19
  •  26th September 2014

Kabila for ever

The President wants the constitution changed to allow him to stay in power after 2016 but opposition is mounting

  • Vol 55 No 19
  •  26th September 2014

Reshaping the army

President Kabila is restructuring the army and putting his loyalists in command. It is a sign he means to stay on, come what may

  • Vol 55 No 14
  •  11th July 2014

Puzzle of FDLR intentions

The notorious militia is disarming but some say that’s a blind. A complex mix of motives, alliances and regional interests is at work

  • Vol 55 No 13
  •  27th June 2014

Kabila defiant on third term

The President tries to ignore opposition and international objections to his changing the law to stay on in power

  • Vol 55 No 13
  •  27th June 2014

Fighting flares in the Kivus

Both Kinshasa and Kigali have their own domestic or geopolitical reasons to keep the pot boiling over their common border

Displaying 1-10 out of 337 results.