Population: 14.7 mn.
GDP: 23.0 bn.
Debt: 4.3 bn.

President Michael Sata turns 77 in July and is not in the best of health. Elections are two years off but the governing Patriotic Front is divided: one camp backs PF Secretary General Wynter Kabimba, the other ex-Defence Minister Geoffrey Mwamba. Negotiations are underway with China Nonferrous Mining Corporation over environmental concerns with expansion plans. 


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  • Vol 47 No 21
  •  20th October 2006

The Titanic sails at dawn

The opposition offered its voters refuge on Noah's Ark, but it sank and Mwanawasa is back

  • Vol 47 No 19
  •  22nd September 2006

Enter ex-Presidents

Former Presidents, Kenneth Kaunda and Frederick Chiluba, have each picked an opposition candidate for the presidential election on 28 September. President Levy Mwanawasa of the Movement for Multiparty Democracy (MMD), who is standing for another term, has...

  • Vol 47 No 18
  •  8th September 2006

A bull in China's shop

With its threat to cut diplomatic ties with Zambia if Michael Sata, the opposition leader, wins the 28 September general elections, China has at last lost its political virginity in Africa. The remarks by Beijing's Ambassador to Lusaka, Li Baodong, rival ...

  • Vol 47 No 17
  •  25th August 2006

Starter's orders

President Mwanawasa remains ahead of his rival Sata in next month's presidential vote

  • Vol 47 No 16
  •  4th August 2006

Levy and King Cobra

Presidential elections set for 28 September 2006 will pit incumbent President Levy Mwanawasa of the Movement for Multiparty Democracy (MMD) against veteran bruiser Michael Sata on the Patriotic Front ticket.

  • Vol 47 No 13
  •  23rd June 2006

Candidates wanted

Sickness and death have taken the front-runners, leaving politics leaderless as elections loom

  • Vol 47 No 9
  •  28th April 2006

Where sick men rule

Mwanawasa's apparent recovery does not resolve worries about elections - and prosecutions

  • Vol 47 No 4
  •  17th February 2006

Copper friendly

The world copper boom is rescuing Zambia's economy and the President's electoral hopes

  • Vol 46 No 21
  •  21st October 2005

Totally broke

The Indeni oil refinery, the only one in Zambia, is jointly owned by the government and the French company TotalFinaElf, which manages it. The owner-partners are quarrelling furiously about its fourth breakdown this year, on 8 September, which has caused ...

  • Vol 46 No 20
  •  7th October 2005

A judge on his travels

Justice Peter Smith of the London High Court found himself unable to assemble the necessary witnesses for a civil action by the Zambian government, in which it is alleged that ex-President Frederick Chiluba stole £13.5 million (US$23.78 mn.) in stat...

Displaying 71-80 out of 136 results.