Population: 14.7 mn.
GDP: 23.0 bn.
Debt: 4.3 bn.

President Michael Sata turns 77 in July and is not in the best of health. Elections are two years off but the governing Patriotic Front is divided: one camp backs PF Secretary General Wynter Kabimba, the other ex-Defence Minister Geoffrey Mwamba. Negotiations are underway with China Nonferrous Mining Corporation over environmental concerns with expansion plans. 


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  • Vol 47 No 9
  •  28th April 2006

Where sick men rule

Mwanawasa's apparent recovery does not resolve worries about elections - and prosecutions

  • Vol 47 No 4
  •  17th February 2006

Copper friendly

The world copper boom is rescuing Zambia's economy and the President's electoral hopes

  • Vol 46 No 21
  •  21st October 2005

Totally broke

The Indeni oil refinery, the only one in Zambia, is jointly owned by the government and the French company TotalFinaElf, which manages it. The owner-partners are quarrelling furiously about its fourth breakdown this year, on 8 September, which has caused ...

  • Vol 46 No 20
  •  7th October 2005

A judge on his travels

Justice Peter Smith of the London High Court found himself unable to assemble the necessary witnesses for a civil action by the Zambian government, in which it is alleged that ex-President Frederick Chiluba stole £13.5 million (US$23.78 mn.) in stat...

  • Vol 46 No 14
  •  8th July 2005

Legal losses

Constitutional wrangles worsen, the corruption trials falter but the economy picks up

  • Vol 46 No 3
  •  4th February 2005

Wearing green

The government knows it's not trusted and it cannot afford another constitution

  • Vol 45 No 21
  •  22nd October 2004

Proof of the PUDDing

A brand new party is proof of political moves by President and ex-President alike

  • Vol 45 No 20
  •  8th October 2004

Undiplomatic row

Zambian President Levy Mwanawasa sacked Vice-President Nevers Mumba on 4 October for igniting a serious diplomatic row. Mumba had accused individuals in Congo-Kinshasa of funding the Zambian opposition.

  • Vol 45 No 17
  •  27th August 2004

Success unseen

Zambia grows richer but people feel poorer and they blame the President

  • Vol 45 No 10
  •  14th May 2004

Presidential prosecutions

Busy days for judges as the President struggles to lock up his predecessor

Displaying 81-90 out of 140 results.