Population: 1.711 mn.
GDP: 19.3 bn.
Debt: 2.8 bn.

With elections in 2016, President Ali Ben Bongo Ondimba fears the impact of low oil prices more than the formerly banned Union Nationale party led by the ailing André Mba Obame. Ex-African Union Commission Chairman Jean Ping is struggling to unite the opposition.

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  • Vol 55 No 22
  •  7th November 2014

Bashing Bongo

Seasoned investigative journalist Pierre Péan has put the cat among the pigeons yet again with a stream of sensational claims about President Ali Ben Bongo Ondimba and his family. The book, Nouvelles affaires africaines: mensonges et pillages au Ga...

  • Vol 55 No 18
  •  12th September 2014

Electioneering begins

Tension between the government and opposition is already mounting before the presidential election in 2016

  • Vol 55 No 4
  •  21st February 2014

Ping's pop at Ali

The former Chairman of the African Union Commission, Jean Ping, has broken his studied silence on Gabon’s domestic politics. He has disavowed any relationship with the governing Parti démocratique gabonais (PDG), of which he has long been a s...

  • Vol 53 No 15
  •  19th July 2012

Sam with a plan

The fog around Samuel Mebiame is clearing. His signature appears,along with those of ministers Mohamed Lamine Fofana and KerfallaYansané, on the controversial loan Guinea took from the South African company Palladino Capital 2 Limited. Mebiane, 42, is the...

  • Vol 53 No 11
  •  25th May 2012

Entente absente

Efforts to negotiate a compromise between Gabon and South Africa over the contest for the presidency of the African Union Commission are faltering. This is unlikely to be resolved at July’s AU summit in Lilongwe, and instead fresh elections will be held ...

  • Vol 53 No 3
  •  3rd February 2012

Unity is for others

The Gabonese government preaches African unity but finds it harder to practice. After spending tens of millions of dollars on stadia and associated infrastructure, it has found holding (with Equatorial Guinea) the 2012 African Cup of Nations a sport...

  • Vol 52 No 6
  •  18th March 2011

Au revoir, la République

On 27 February, Sammy Kum Buo, Africa Director in the United Nations Secretary General’s office, helped negotiate the dissolution of Andre Mba Obame’s short-lived republic, which he had set up in the UN Development Programme’s office in Libreville. O...

  • Vol 52 No 4
  •  18th February 2011

Obame: no, he can’t

An oppositionist enjoys his moment in Libreville’s limelight but has no options once the curtain falls

  • Vol 52 No 4
  •  18th February 2011

Rearranging the cabinet

Since coming to power in 2009, President Ali Ben Bongo Ondimba’s government has asked only for patience and delivered only promises. Holding a cabinet meeting in Tchibanga in January, the President said, ‘I no longer have the desire to waste money’, addin...

  • Vol 52 No 2
  •  21st January 2011

A family legacy

Ali Ben Bongo, who took over the presidency from his father in August 2009, is struggling on both the political and economic fronts

Displaying 1-10 out of 39 results.