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Population: 2.34m
GDP: $20.22bn
Debt: 52.4% of GDP (2023 forecast)

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Pas si joli

It is turning out worse than they had feared in Paris. President Omar Bongo's government in Gabon has cut out his old ally, France's Elf Aquitaine, in favour of a deal with Energy ...

Have petrol, will travel

Local elections are due this month after President Bongo's three-year delay

The elections due on 20 October are more politically significant than municipal polls usually manage to be. This is because they are seen as completing the process of transition to...

Chasse gardée

A French judicial investigation into alleged embezzlement by the former chairman of Elf-Aquitaine, Loïk le Floch Prigent (currently in custody for his own protection) is embarassi...

Displaying 81-83 out of 83 results.