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Population: 2.34m
GDP: $20.22bn
Debt: 52.4% of GDP (2023 forecast)

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This land is not your land

An agribusiness company’s projects across the country are facing opposition from local people and civil society groups

Singapore’s Olam is riding a new wave of opposition to its industrial agriculture and fertiliser projects. Criticism of state-backed projects from inside the governing Parti Démocr...

Bélinga back on the table

The Gabonese government reconfirmed in early June that it is open to discussions with all interested parties on the development of the Bélinga iron ore mine that was initially awa...

China loses Bélinga

After four years of tough renegotiations, China’s deal of the century is finally cancelled

Australia's BHP Billiton has won the rights to the US$5 billion Bélinga iron ore project from China Machinery Engineering Corporation. BHP and the Gabonese Mining Ministry agreed a...

Illegal loggers taken to task

Gabon’s government is scrutinising the activities of Chinese logging companies which have failed to respect international best practice. In an unprecedented move, the Gabonese Mini...

Au revoir, la République

On 27 February, Sammy Kum Buo, Africa Director in the United Nations Secretary General’s office, helped negotiate the dissolution of Andre Mba Obame’s short-lived republic, whi...

Obame: no, he can’t

An oppositionist enjoys his moment in Libreville’s limelight but has no options once the curtain falls

André Mba Obame is in no hurry to leave the small offices of the United Nations Development Programme in Libreville, where he has been holed up since 29 January, having declared hi...

Rearranging the cabinet

Since coming to power in 2009, President Ali Ben Bongo Ondimba’s government has asked only for patience and delivered only promises. Holding a cabinet meeting in Tchibanga in Janua...

A family legacy

Ali Ben Bongo, who took over the presidency from his father in August 2009, is struggling on both the political and economic fronts

After more than a year in power, President Ali Ben Bongo Ondimba faces rising popular discontent. Spending more time abroad than at home hardly gives the impression of a man bent o...

Bongo feels the heat

President Ali Ben Bongo Ondimba has maintained a dignified silence over the claim, contained in a United States State Department cable of June 2009 and leaked by WikiLeaks, that he...

Timber company cuts corners

Smuggling is one of the biggest open secrets in Gabon’s forestry sector. Ever since the government began trying to mandate more local value-added processing of logs, the raw timber...

Displaying 31-40 out of 78 results.