Population: 26.1 mn.
GDP: 42.7 bn.
Debt: 11.2 bn.

Cutting state spending, tackling worsening corruption and pushing ahead with oil and gas development will dominate President John Dramani Mahama's year. The opposition New Patriotic Party will pick its presidential candidate and Nana Akufo-Addo is odds-on favourite. 



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  • Vol 55 No 15
  •  25th July 2014

Red is the colour

A banner-waving alliance of professionals and trades unionists is highlighting the growing economic hardships and shaking up the political scene

  • Vol 55 No 15
  •  25th July 2014

Letting a crisis go to waste

Far from cruising to an inevitable electoral victory in 2016, the opposition New Patriotic Party has been left looking flat-footed, even as the government's troubles have multiplied. In comparison with the civic groups behind the Red Friday campaign, the ...

  • Vol 55 No 3
  •  7th February 2014

The wizard of Accra

Short-term economic worries and the government’s tin ear on corruption claims are wobbling Mahama’s presidency

  • Vol 54 No 24
  •  22nd November 2013

Deficit blues

Tough times are looming after years of high growth and political stability in an oil and gold producing economy

  • Vol 54 No 20
  •  4th October 2013

Drill-ship in the dock

Top politicians are battling it out in the courts again, this time over claims of corruption the two main parties are throwing at each other

  • Vol 54 No 18
  •  6th September 2013

The Court lowers the curtain

The judges’ finding for President Mahama raises as many questions as it solves but the focus will shift quickly to economic matters

  • Vol 54 No 18
  •  6th September 2013

Opposition turns to tax and graft

After the 29 August Supreme Court judgement, the political theatre will shift to economic policy and accountability issues. Oppositionists accuse the National Democratic Congress government of relying too much on raising taxes and not enough on cutting wa...

  • Vol 54 No 18
  •  6th September 2013

Economic tests looming

There are only two-and-a-half years before the next election cycle. It may not be long enough to improve the fiscal position

  • Vol 54 No 16
  •  2nd August 2013

Row over exiles

Claims that Ivorian secret agents are targeting pro-Laurent Gbagbo exiles in Ghana raise tensions again between Accra and Abidjan

  • Vol 54 No 15
  •  19th July 2013

The vote on trial

The Supreme Court’s hearings on last year’s polls have changed Ghana’s politics for good. Now the fractious parties face their own demons

Displaying 1-10 out of 148 results.