Population: 23.57 mn.
GDP: 10.7 bn.
Debt: 2.7 bn.

A low election turnout signals a tough year ahead for new President Hery Rajaonarimampianina; the poll was supposed to end five years of political deadlock. The country remains divided but at least the donor money will now return. Investment expectations are high for oil and minerals.  


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  • Vol 56 No 2
  •  23rd January 2015

Hery hangs on

The new President is a prisoner of the past. His predecessors are still immensely influential and want to shape the present

  • Vol 55 No 3
  •  7th February 2014

Hery must make his mark

The country is back in the international fold but the new President needs to distance himself from his predecessor

  • Vol 55 No 2
  •  24th January 2014

Coup legacy lingers

Everyone hoped the elections would heal divisions and allow the country to move on but it may not be that simple

  • Vol 54 No 23
  •  15th November 2013

Election outcome still in the balance

The difficult part is now over and polling passed off without major incident, although a second round of voting may be needed to decide the ultimate winner

  • Vol 54 No 20
  •  4th October 2013

No princes on the ballot

Public enthusiasm for the election is running high but questions about the electoral register and campaign finance may undermine its legitimacy

  • Vol 54 No 18
  •  6th September 2013


The date has been set for the first round of the long-awaited presidential election: 25 October. A second round, if needed, and the parliamentary polls follow on 20 December. The new dates were decided after the newly-appointed Special Electoral Court, th...

  • Vol 54 No 17
  •  23rd August 2013

Rajoelina fends off sanctions with new election law

Announcing a restructuring of the electoral court and allowing newspapers to hint that he may opt out of the presidential race, Rajoelina has outwitted his rivals and international monitors

  • Vol 54 No 16
  •  2nd August 2013

Crisis grows as presidential elections delayed again

Coup leader Rajoelina's insistence that he must be a candidate has thrown preparations for the presidential elections into chaos

  • Vol 54 No 11
  •  24th May 2013

Three too many

Three familiar names pop up again on the list of presidential hopefuls

  • Vol 54 No 6
  •  15th March 2013

Secrecy mars ballot deal

Confusion surrounds when, or even if, elections can be held this year but nobody doubts that the public yearns for an end to the political vacuum

Displaying 1-10 out of 38 results.