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Population: 25.57 mn.
GDP: $11.5 bn.
Debt: $3.38 bn.

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Old hat, new hat

The choice of academic Eugène Mangalaza as Prime Minister after a marathon meeting in Antananarivo on 6 October has broken the deadlock over the make-up of the new interim g...

'Andry TGV' takes over

After the crisis that led to 135 deaths and the resignation of President Ravalomanana, the new young chief will have to meet many aspirations

Andry Rajoelina swept into power on the shoulders of rebellious soldiers and his own rhetoric. The High Constitutional Court confirmed him as head of the Haute Autorité de la Trans...

Politics curdle for the Yoghurt King

Antananarivo's young Mayor challenges the business-friendly President

By proclaiming himself the new national leader at a 31 January rally in Antananarivo, the capital's Mayor, Andry Rajoelina, triggered a crisis. 'He's young and he listens to us,' s...

A target of the revolution

After the Madagascar imbroglio, South Korean and Indian companies are trying new tactics

Almost as soon as he seized power on 18 March, putchiste President Andry Rajoelina cancelled a proposed contract to lease over a million hectares of land to South Korea's Daewoo ...

Ravalomanana Inc.

The President's foreign friends admire him but he is less revered at home

President Marc Ravalomanana runs Madagascar like one of his own successful companies. The buck stops at the top and poorly performing executives or ministers are sacked without wor...

Marc and the miners

Washington and the multinationals give Ravalomanana's team a boost

Multinational mining giant Rio Tinto is about to approve a US$500 million dollar investment in the Fort Dauphin region of south-eastern Madagascar. The resulting employment and eco...

Displaying 41-50 out of 59 results.