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Population: 28.91m
GDP: $14.47bn
Debt: 53.1% of GDP (2023 forecast)

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Plunder unabated

A reckless dash to exploit natural resources threatens the environment and wildlife

After the military coup of March 2009, the plunder of Madagascar’s vast resources went into overdrive, under high-level political protection. It shows no sign of abating and concer...

Looting minerals

New opportunities for plunder are opening up in minerals, oil and gas as shadowy businesses discover fresh resources. A few big companies have joined the voluntary Extractive Indus...

Rajoelina slows down the train

The confusion is far from over. The United Nations proposes that Madagascar hold presidential and parliamentary elections in May or June 2013 but Andry Rajoelina is holding out. The army installed him as national leader after its coup in March 2009 threw out his elected predecessor, Marc Ravalomanana. He now heads the Haute Autorité de la Transition (HAT) that was installed in November 2011, following a ‘road map’ signed the previous month by most political leaders (AC Vol 53 No 5, Who's the democrat now?).

There is logic behind the timetable suggested by the UN experts who, chaired by Akinyemi Adegbola, visited the island in April-May. Time is needed to establish a credible electoral...

Foreign sanctions miss target

In public, diplomats in Antananarivo talk up the chances of a settlement of the political crisis. In private, though, they confess to doubting the value of the sanctions imposed si...

At the political coalface

Plans by two Thai companies – PTT Asia Pacific Mining and Italian-Thai Development Company (Italthai) – to develop rich coal deposits at Sakoa have stalled amid political infight...

Rogue rosewood exporters

A series of scandals about illegal timber exports increases pressure on the government to seek international protection for the country’s forests

Proof continues to mount about the role of Chinese business interests in the illegal trade of rosewood from Madagascar. Rosewood is harvested from protected areas in Madagascar and...

Displaying 21-30 out of 60 results.