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Population: 28.91m
GDP: $14.47bn
Debt: 53.1% of GDP (2023 forecast)

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Marc and the miners

Washington and the multinationals give Ravalomanana's team a boost

Multinational mining giant Rio Tinto is about to approve a US$500 million dollar investment in the Fort Dauphin region of south-eastern Madagascar. The resulting employment and eco...

Joining the club

Madagascar intends to join the Southern African Development Community (SADC) in August, according to its Foreign Minister, Jaya Krishna Cuttaree (who is also a candidate for Direct...

In need

The African Union has refused President Marc Ravalomanana recognition until legislative elections are held ­ ostensibly to confirm that the public really backs his presidency &...

Two to tango

The army may step in to prevent the politicians breaking the country apart

Two presidents, two parliaments, two capitals, two economies next, two countries? That seems to be the aim of the veteran Red Admiral, Didier Ratsiraka, who clings to the presidenc...

City under siege

Tension is rising as the standoff between the country's parallel presidents continues, veering between good-natured though fervent protest (especially by Marc Ravalomanana's suppor...

Rising Ravalomanana

Madagascans expect a close race in the 16 December presidential election when the main challenger to long entrenched President Didier Ratsiraka is the rank outsider, media magnate ...

Political eclipse

The 'Red Admiral', sure of re-election, has a vision of the future

Anxious to show he cares about his people's welfare, President Didier Ratsiraka is worrying about the solar eclipse due in southern Africa on 21 June. He recently inaugurated the n...


The Red Admiral is no longer red or an admiral - or an ex-President, either

A month after the presidential election (AC Vol 37 No 25), the victory of Didier Ratsiraka has at last been announced. Returning to power on just over half of the votes cast (50.71...

Return match

Two former presidents face each other again

Two failed ex-presidents will compete in the second round of the presidential election, on 29 December. In the first round on 3 November, only 58 per cent of the electors voted. Ni...

Displaying 51-60 out of 60 results.