Population: 14.6 mn.
GDP: $13.7 bn.
Debt: $8.19 bn.

The succession enigma remains. Vice-President Emmerson Mnangagwa lacks real power as well as the popularity of his predecessor. Purges will continue at the expense of progress on the financial and economic fronts. The health of President Robert Mugabe, 91, will be continually monitored – and the First Lady's influence will escalate.

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  • Vol 56 No 5
  •  6th March 2015

The mighty fall

ZANU-PF’s purge of the Mujuru faction is far from complete and the succession no clearer as Mugabe turns 91

  • Vol 56 No 1
  •  9th January 2015

The year of leaving dangerously

Mugabe may be relinquishing full control of the state – but not the party

  • Vol 55 No 25
  •  19th December 2014

Exit Mujuru, enter Mnangagwa

The Vice-President and her followers have fallen under Mugabe’s axe but her rival’s path to power is not guaranteed

  • Vol 55 No 24
  •  5th December 2014

The defenestration of Mujuru

The campaign against the Vice-President comes from the top but it leaves the succession issue no clearer than before

  • Vol 55 No 23
  •  21st November 2014

MDC can't exploit ZANU-PF splits

Although ZANU-PF’s internal strife is playing out under the spotlight, the main opposition cannot seem to profit

  • Vol 55 No 22
  •  7th November 2014

Party strife draws in white businesses

Everyone – without exception – has to pick a side

  • Vol 55 No 21
  •  24th October 2014

Doctors at large

The First Lady is now running in the succession race but even she has hurdles to clear on her tour of the stadium

  • Vol 55 No 20
  •  10th October 2014

From Russia with love

Amidst the vicious scrabble for the succession, ZANU-PF’s new best friend Moscow delivers investment in the platinum industry, money and planes

  • Vol 55 No 19
  •  26th September 2014

A bail-out for Beijing's sake

The ruling party is paying back its top members' debts to China in the hope that President Xi Jinping will turn the money tap on again

  • Vol 55 No 18
  •  12th September 2014

Rescue for bigwig debts

The central bank has set up a company to buy up bad loans. Many of the worst of them were to to ZANU-PF officials and friends

Displaying 1-10 out of 403 results.