Population: 14.3 mn.
GDP: 10.9 bn.
Debt: 6.2 bn.

President Robert Mugabe celebrates his 90th birthday in February, giving rise to more calls for the governing Zimbabwe African National Union-Patriotic Front to prepare for the succession. Investors continue to worry about the indigenisation programme and the weakening of the banking sector. 



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  • Vol 55 No 23
  •  21st November 2014

MDC can't exploit ZANU-PF splits

Although ZANU-PF’s internal strife is playing out under the spotlight, the main opposition cannot seem to profit

  • Vol 55 No 22
  •  7th November 2014

Party strife draws in white businesses

Everyone – without exception – has to pick a side

  • Vol 55 No 21
  •  24th October 2014

Doctors at large

The First Lady is now running in the succession race but even she has hurdles to clear on her tour of the stadium

  • Vol 55 No 20
  •  10th October 2014

From Russia with love

Amidst the vicious scrabble for the succession, ZANU-PF’s new best friend Moscow delivers investment in the platinum industry, money and planes

  • Vol 55 No 19
  •  26th September 2014

A bail-out for Beijing's sake

The ruling party is paying back its top members' debts to China in the hope that President Xi Jinping will turn the money tap on again

  • Vol 55 No 18
  •  12th September 2014

Rescue for bigwig debts

The central bank has set up a company to buy up bad loans. Many of the worst of them were to to ZANU-PF officials and friends

  • Vol 55 No 18
  •  12th September 2014

Mice at play

ZANU-PF factions bickered when Mugabe was away in China and suffered the full force of his frustration when he returned empty-handed

  • Vol 55 No 17
  •  29th August 2014

Women and children first

As the party admits Grace Mugabe to its pantheon, the ZANU-PF Women’s and Youth Leagues have muddied the succession

  • Vol 55 No 16
  •  8th August 2014

'Too rich to bribe'

Any hope that the December congress of the governing Zimbabwe African National Union-Patriotic Front would bring a degree of clarity to the succession race is fast fading as the faction fights degenerate into localised turf wars. The uncertainty could con...

  • Vol 55 No 16
  •  8th August 2014

Coup de Grace

The succession battle is in turmoil after the President’s wife is proposed for a top ZANU-PF post

Displaying 1-10 out of 395 results.