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  • Vol 56 No 2
  •  23rd January 2015

Planning puts power first

By 2040, nearly one billion people in Sub-Saharan Africa could have access to electricity, compared to 290 million today, a report says

  • Vol 56 No 1
  •  9th January 2015

Special preview edition: Africa in 2015

Tougher politics and tighter money are in prospect as governments will depend more on national resources – we look at the year ahead

  • Vol 55 No 23
  •  21st November 2014

Rules of commercial engagement

After twelve years of wrangling, the EU finally concludes bilateral trade treaties with 44 Sub-Saharan countries

  • Vol 55 No 23
  •  21st November 2014

Peasants against the pacts

West African small farmers' organisations oppose the European Union's Economic Partnership Agreement with the Economic Community of West African States (Ecowas). The Ouagadougou-based Réseau des organisations paysannes et des producteurs agricoles ...

  • Vol 55 No 21
  •  24th October 2014

Next stop, Rome

Senior officials from the African Union, European Union and United Nations were at the Police Club House in Khartoum on 13-16 October for the AU's Regional Conference on Human Trafficking and Smuggling in the Horn of Africa. Yet none publicly questioned w...

  • Vol 55 No 20
  •  10th October 2014

Uranium profits decline

The protracted slump in global uranium prices has dashed African hopes that higher mining taxes would boost economic growth

  • Vol 55 No 19
  •  26th September 2014

The fire this century

Demonstrations, rhetoric and technological innovation in Africa all help but the political will is missing in negotiations for a new climate treaty

  • Vol 55 No 16
  •  8th August 2014

Dollars, security and a few surprises

President Obama and the promise of trade and investment drew the leaders to Washington’s summit but the results will emerge only slowly

  • Vol 55 No 16
  •  8th August 2014

The science of summitry

Seasoned Africa summit organisers in Paris, Beijing, Tokyo and New Delhi looked on with more than a hint of competitive concern as the United States launched its own variant, the US-Africa Leaders Summit, in Washington this week. Well they might, as the U...

  • Vol 55 No 15
  •  25th July 2014

Writing development into law

The drama of French military operations in Africa eclipses the fact that the continent is the target of almost all its admittedly tiny bilateral aid

Displaying 1-10 out of 309 results.