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  • Vol 55 No 7
  •  4th April 2014

Some partners are more equal than others

The Brussels summit confounds low expectations to produce agreements on security and migration but fails again on trade

  • Vol 55 No 7
  •  4th April 2014

Security and trade top the Euro-Africa agenda

Europe is hosting African leaders in Brussels before they head off for summits in Delhi, Beijing and Washington

  • Vol 55 No 6
  •  21st March 2014

Ecobank's next act

Albert Essien, the new Chief Executive of Ecobank, told delegates at the Africa CEO Forum in Geneva on 18 March that the bank would relentlessly focus on the future after its recent governance ructions. A week earlier, Essien was appointed by the board of...

  • Vol 55 No 4
  •  21st February 2014

Tackling the trade in endangered species

With promises of funds and the destruction of ivory stockpiles, China and the USA – the two main markets for illegal wildlife products – are now racing to fight the criminal trade and win favour in Africa

  • Vol 55 No 3
  •  7th February 2014

Abe in Africa

A rise in Japanese activity on the continent worries China, as does Tokyo's pledge to provide US$32 billion in finance by 2018

  • Vol 55 No 3
  •  7th February 2014

Tripling trade

African countries are calling for more investment in local manufacturing and processing capacity – and India's private sector is ready to oblige

  • Vol 55 No 3
  •  7th February 2014

Big plans for 2014

Despite recent missteps, South Korea's engagement with Africa will increase this year and move beyond natural resources to embrace information technology, communications and markets

  • Vol 55 No 2
  •  24th January 2014

Making the best of the boom

The challenge this year is to convert a decade of faster growth into jobs and higher living standards as political tensions rise in the biggest economies

  • Vol 54 No 25
  •  13th December 2013

More boots on the ground

After despatching two military missions in 18 months, President Hollande’s whole Africa policy is taking on a new seriousness

  • Vol 54 No 21
  •  18th October 2013

Security crises threaten economic success

A new model for intervention forces emerges in Congo-Kinshasa, as financial pressures mount on other UN operations

Displaying 1-10 out of 279 results.