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  • Vol 56 No 3
  •  6th February 2015

A year of decisions after a decade of growth

As China slows down and the US dollar strengthens, will African governments try to diversify and industrialise their economies?

  • Vol 56 No 2
  •  23rd January 2015

Planning puts power first

By 2040, nearly one billion people in Sub-Saharan Africa could have access to electricity, compared to 290 million today, a report says

  • Vol 56 No 1
  •  9th January 2015

Special preview edition: Africa in 2015

Tougher politics and tighter money are in prospect as governments will depend more on national resources – we look at the year ahead

  • Vol 55 No 23
  •  21st November 2014

Rules of commercial engagement

After twelve years of wrangling, the EU finally concludes bilateral trade treaties with 44 Sub-Saharan countries

  • Vol 55 No 23
  •  21st November 2014

Peasants against the pacts

West African small farmers' organisations oppose the European Union's Economic Partnership Agreement with the Economic Community of West African States (Ecowas). The Ouagadougou-based Réseau des organisations paysannes et des producteurs agricoles ...

  • Vol 55 No 21
  •  24th October 2014

Next stop, Rome

Senior officials from the African Union, European Union and United Nations were at the Police Club House in Khartoum on 13-16 October for the AU's Regional Conference on Human Trafficking and Smuggling in the Horn of Africa. Yet none publicly questioned w...

  • Vol 55 No 20
  •  10th October 2014

Uranium profits decline

The protracted slump in global uranium prices has dashed African hopes that higher mining taxes would boost economic growth

  • Vol 55 No 19
  •  26th September 2014

The fire this century

Demonstrations, rhetoric and technological innovation in Africa all help but the political will is missing in negotiations for a new climate treaty

  • Vol 55 No 16
  •  8th August 2014

Dollars, security and a few surprises

President Obama and the promise of trade and investment drew the leaders to Washington’s summit but the results will emerge only slowly

  • Vol 55 No 16
  •  8th August 2014

The science of summitry

Seasoned Africa summit organisers in Paris, Beijing, Tokyo and New Delhi looked on with more than a hint of competitive concern as the United States launched its own variant, the US-Africa Leaders Summit, in Washington this week. Well they might, as the U...

Displaying 1-10 out of 315 results.