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Beijing pushes back on debt

An interview by Beijing-aligned newspaper guancha.cn with Professor Tang Xiaoyang, a top development economist in China, has spelt out official thinking about debt restructuring as...

Brussels backs Italy's hard line on migration

A leaked letter from the European Commission chief spells out the EU's plans to deter and return migrants to their home countries

A week after the sinking of a boat carrying several hundred migrants off the Calabrian coast in southern Italy which killed more than 60 people, European Commission President Ursul...


Pesticides row adds to toxic relations

African parliamentarians have accused European Union economies of exporting carcinogenic pesticides to their countries, adding to mounting tensions over trading rules and migration

Speakers at the joint parliament assembly between the European Union and the African, Caribbean and Pacific in Brussels, on 2 March accused EU countries of double standards by expo...


Capital crisis in the continent

Reeling from the pandemic and the Russia-Ukraine war, African economies need investment to boost growth

Over a year after Russia's invasion of Ukraine triggered another shock to a global economy recovering slowly from the pandemic, Africa's economies are counting the cost of rocketin...

Macron's relaunch

Not so much a policy revamp as a public relaunch: that was the message of Emmanuel Macron's Elysée palace address on 27 February, two days before flying to Libreville, Luand...


Berlin tries to broker cash for migrants deals

Europe's biggest economy and source of development finance mulls payments to deter migration

Germany is set to be the next European Union country to attempt to broker 'cash for migrants' deals, primarily with North African states Tunisia, Morocco, Algeria and Egypt. This e...


Displaying 61-70 out of 837 results.