Population: 10.81 mn.
GDP: n/a
Debt: 3.0 bn.

Al Shabaab's attacks will continue as President Hassan Sheikh Mohamud's government struggles to establish its legitimacy. Ethiopia's troops are set to join the African Union Mission in Somalia. 


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  • Vol 56 No 2
  •  23rd January 2015

The federation tango

The President’s new cabinet will face the same intractable issues as the last. Lack of international patience is another problem

  • Vol 55 No 19
  •  26th September 2014

Al Shabaab shake-up

Militia leaders make overtures to their enemies while the government is mired in financial scandal

  • Vol 55 No 18
  •  12th September 2014

Reports of his death… the UPDATE

Godane has fallen to a US air strike, contrary to our earlier information. Choosing a new chief may be problematic but no strategic change is likely

  • Vol 55 No 16
  •  8th August 2014

Politicians as targets

The latest round of murderous attacks contradicts President Hassan’s claims to have stabilised the country

  • Vol 55 No 14
  •  11th July 2014

More states less unity

Regions are being created as part of a federal state but their prospects are poor because they don’t enjoy legitimacy

  • Vol 55 No 10
  •  16th May 2014

Parliament wants the President's head

A letter from almost half of all MPs calls on Hassan Sheikh to step down or be forced out

  • Vol 55 No 9
  •  1st May 2014

Regime's grip weakens

Hassan Sheikh’s government can’t plug the leaks in public finances while Al Shabaab attacks increase in the capital. It’s a dangerous combination

  • Vol 55 No 5
  •  7th March 2014

Hopes pinned on big push

A major Amisom offensive is due soon, which may help where politics cannot, yet there is concern about Ethiopia’s role

  • Vol 55 No 4
  •  21st February 2014

Hassan Sheikh loses friends

Security is worsening, and governance too. The President is increasingly isolated and even his staunchest international friends are losing patience with him

  • Vol 55 No 3
  •  7th February 2014

New blood in old bottles

There’s a new Premier but many feel that one greedy faction has simply replaced another. Momentum towards a functional state is slowing again

Displaying 1-10 out of 153 results.