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Population: 17.06m
GDP: $7.37 bn.
Debt: $2.96 bn.

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First steps on the elections roadmap

Electioneering is in now in full swing for the parliamentary upper house, the first stage in a complex process culminating in the presidential poll in November

After many bumps and hitches the electoral process finally took off in August with selection of members of the upper house of parliament. The intense politicking of politicians and...

Election programme stutters

Prime minister Roble gets blamed for the latest hiccup in the elections while President Farmajo exploits clan rivalries in his bid for another term

On Sunday 25 July scheduled elections to the upper parliamentary house were dramatically postponed because of a failure of some committees to form and for others to produce candida...

Battles for the polls resume

An uneasy calm reigns in the capital as the prime minister's shaky consensus on the elections moves forward

After months of delay and violent confrontations Prime Minister Mohamed Hussein Roble has found a path through the obstacles which have been preventing elections since last Septemb...


A fresh presidential vote now due by the end of July

A locally brokered deal has unblocked the impasse over indirect elections but $15 million will be needed to finance them

Mediators may have staved off another crisis after reaching agreement between President Mohamed Abdallah Mohamed 'Farmajo's' government and federal state leaders that paves the way...


Edging Farmajo towards the exit

Belated foreign pressure persuaded President Mohamed 'Farmajo' to step back from the brink, now mediation and talks might help end the turmoil

Threats to cut foreign funding and local opposition pressure have finally forced President Mohamed Abdallah Mohamed 'Farmajo' to ditch a planned two-year extension to his tenure. P...


Money prompts an about-turn on elections

Along with military threats, a hostile vote in parliament, the loss of foreign finances convinced President Mohamed to change his strategy

The threat of the World Bank, the European Union and the United States pulling the plug on funding appears to have forced President Mohamed Abdullah Mohamed 'Farmajo' to backtrack ...


Displaying 21-30 out of 266 results.