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Population: 14.74 mn.
GDP: $7.37 bn.
Debt: $2.96 bn.

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Hassan Sheikh loses friends

Security is worsening, and governance too. The President is increasingly isolated and even his staunchest international friends are losing patience with him

The African Union Mission in Somalia has announced plans for a new offensive against Al Haraka al Shabaab al Mujahideen, and troops are being positioned. Yet most Somalis are seein...

New blood in old bottles

There’s a new Premier but many feel that one greedy faction has simply replaced another. Momentum towards a functional state is slowing again

The election of Hassan Sheikh Mohamud as President in September 2012 was meant to free politics of issues that had held it hostage for years: arguments between President and Prime ...

The statelets of the nation

Mogadishu will gain little more control and the enclaves will jealously hang on to what they have. Al Shabaab will endure

The New Year began with a new Prime Minister, Abdiweli Sheikh Ahmed Mohamed, and a newish cabinet – but no new brooms. Reshuffling the players in cabinet will not alter the f...

Oil bids defy security crisis

With over 60 fatalities and wider regional security concerns, the hostage siege in Nairobi is not deterring oil companies from targeting Somalia

International conferences extolling political progress in Somalia and raising aid funds for post-war reconstruction have triggered several bids for oil acreage in the region despit...

Head rolls in bank row

The Bank of Somalia’s argument with the UN Monitoring Group has cost its boss his job as the President placates the donors at Brussels

The Governor of the Bank of Somalia, Abdusalam Omer, has lost his job in a row between the United Nations and the government over corruption at the BOS (AC Vol 53 No 5, Cashing in ...

Two cheers for the Juba deal

The Jubaland agreement may have saved Somalia from a descent into disastrous factionalism. It is a glimmer of hope amid plenty of bad news

When the government of Somalia and the Jubaland administration of Ahmed Mohamed Islaan ‘Madobe’ signed an interim agreement on 27 August, the sighs of relief were audib...

Aweys at bay, Madobe on top

President Hassan Sheikh’s government woos Al Shabaab’s Sheikh Aweys but is openly defied by Ahmed Madobe in Kismayo

Whether Sheikh Hassan Dahir ‘Aweys’ last week defected or escaped from Al Harakat al Shabaab al Mujahideen was still unclear as Africa Confidential went to press but mo...

Madobe consolidates in Kismayo

The fighting for strategic port threatens President Hassan Sheikh Mohamud's efforts to build a federal government

After another week of fighting for control of Kismayo port, Ahmed Mohamed Islaan 'Madobe' and his Ras Kamboni militia have strengthened their grip over the region and its trade rou...

Sheikh Hassan Dahir 'Aweys' breaks with Al Shabaab

Amid fresh fighting and political realignments, Aweys has escaped from his former allies in Al Shabaab and may now work with Mogadishu

Sheikh Hassan Dahir 'Aweys', the 78-year-old eminence grise of Somali Islamism, has broken with Harakat al Shabaab al Mujahideen (Al Shabaab) this week. Although Sheikh Aweys, who ...

Regions test Hassan Sheikh

The President is still finding his feet. Accepting his – or any – government’s authority is a challenge for the many interests at work

On 15 May and by a resounding margin, elders meeting at the Jubaland conference in the southern port of Kismayo elected Ahmed Mohamed Islaam ‘Madobe’ as President of the emerging r...

Displaying 61-70 out of 218 results.