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Population: 14.74 mn.
GDP: $7.37 bn.
Debt: $2.96 bn.

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Target Asmara

UN experts identify Asmara’s troublemaking in Somalia but the Security Council may not do much about it

A new United Nations investigation, still under wraps but seen by Africa Confidential, will lead to further quarrels in the UN Security Council over what to do about Eritrea’s trou...

Money muddles

Western governments publicly back Somalia’s ‘moderate Islamist’ government but have not disbursed the promised funds. The Transitional Federal Government (TFG), now besieged in its...

Operation Atalanta in Pirate Alley

Just a year ago, the European Union launched its first-ever patrol mission in foreign seas to combat piracy in the Gulf of Aden (AC Vol 50 No 21). Operation Atalanta contributes up...

Al Shabaab targets Eritrea

Al Shabaab, Somalia's main Islamist insurgent movement, has a new country in its sights. Its Spokesperson, Suldan Mohammed Aala Mohammed, has announced the addition of Eritrea to t...

Jolly Roger justice

As attacks by Somali pirates increase in the Gulf of Aden, the trials of those captured during the last ten months begin in Mombasa

The trials of suspected Somali pirates captured by United States and European Union navies began on 8 October in Mombasa. One hundred Somalis accused of attacks against cargo ships...

American airlift

When United States special forces landed near the Shabaab-held Somalian town of Barawe to assassinate and carry off several members of the Al Shabaab jihadist group on 12 Septembe...

Dangers and dilemmas in the Horn of Africa

The most dangerous corner of Africa is its north-eastern Horn, where instability reigns and terrorism thrives on the antagonisms of its governments

The fate of Somalia is in the balance, as the Transitional Federal Government struggles for control against Islamist insurgents. Eritrea and Ethiopia are engaged in an unremitting ...

Let my people go

Somalia's Transitional Federal Government (TFG) will ask the United States to release a Somali terrorist suspect from Guantánamo Bay. Ismail Mahmoud Mohamed was a friend of ...

Washington backs the TFG

Even before President Sheikh Sharif Sheikh Ahmed of Somalia met United States Secretary of State Hillary Clinton on the first leg of her seven-nation African tour, Washington had m...

Displaying 121-130 out of 219 results.