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Population: 14.74 mn.
GDP: $7.37 bn.
Debt: $2.96 bn.

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A targeted killing

The United States' killing of Aden Hashi Ayro weakens Al Shabaab and its mentor Sheikh Aweys

Before dawn on 1 May, two United States' AC130 gunships from Camp Lemonnier in Djibouti destroyed a house in Dusamareb, central Somalia, not far from the Ethiopian border. It was t...

Missing the target

The US bombs Al Qaida targets and misses while the TFG holds secret negotiations with elders and the Islamist opposition

On 3 March, a United States' cruise missile hit a home on the outskirts of Dobley, a small crossing point on the Somalia-Kenya border. Dobley is in an area of significant Islamic p...

Pirates of the Red Sea

India has ambitious plans to coordinate maritime security across the Indian Ocean

Asia’s navies are planning tougher action to combat the menace of piracy along Somalia’s coastline and in the Red Sea region. The well-organised pirates have targeted Asian ships b...

Permission to come on board?

The deployment against the pirates will entail an upgrade of India's fleet and the overcoming of legal obstacles

India’s navy hosted its first Indian Ocean Naval Symposium (IONS) in Delhi in February to promote cooperation amongst 26 states in the region. Its aim was to foster cooperation, es...

A new man in Mogadishu

If new Prime Minister Nur Adde can talk to the opposition and clan leaders, he might just help to stop the slaughter

Much depends on the new Prime Minister. Nur Hassan Hussein 'Adde' was sworn in on 24 November, after Parliament had endorsed him with only one abstention. With good contacts across...

Bad history

Those planning a UN peacekeeping mission to Somalia are haunted by the disasters of 15 years ago

Ethiopian and Ugandan troops in Somalia are due to welcome a new contingent of peacekeepers this month. Two battalions of soldiers from Burundi, with 1,750 men, should arrive in Mo...

Fall out at the top

The rift between President Abdullahi Yusuf Ahmed and Prime Minister Ali Mohamed Gedi is in full swing. The latest twist came when Attorney General Abdullahi Dahir ordered the arres...

How many states for the north?

Tension between Somaliland (created in 1991) and the much less firmly established Puntland (created 1998) has been running high. On 1 July, yet another state, Maakhir, was inaugura...

Unlikely meeting of minds

President Abdullahi's government makes some progress but it still isn't trusted

Despite widespread scepticism, a Somali National Reconciliation Congress is now due in Mogadishu on 16 July. It offers to reconcile the clans without which no national political re...

Warriors by proxy

With Somalia looking more settled, Ethiopia has been looking towards Eritrea, which it sees as the regional spoiler. On 8 June, Addis Ababa wrote to the United Nations Security Cou...

Displaying 161-170 out of 232 results.