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Population: 16.5m
GDP: $12.8bn

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Floods put fighting on hold

A 'once-in-a-century' deluge halted troops movements while the President went on a world tour to raise funds

President Hassan Sheikh Mohamud has November's unprecedentedly severe rains and floods to thank for the fact he has not paid the full political price for the setback government for...

Trading dams for ports

Abiy's clumsy proposal to swap shares in the Nile dam for access to a port took the region by surprise

Ethiopian Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed shocked allies and enemies alike when he announced on 13 October that access to the Red Sea was an 'existential' issue for his landlocked countr...

Back to the military drawing board

The African Union is delaying its troop withdrawal and government tactics are questioned after its anti-Al Shabaab offensive suffered a heavy reverse

Nine months ago, when President Hassan Sheikh Mohamud announced a pause in its hitherto successful anti-Al Shabaab offensive, prospects were good. Unusual clan alliances and pressu...

Muse Bihi's political headaches worsen

After failing to conquer Dhulbahante rebels in Las Anod, which led to conflict within the Isaq clan, the President needs to repair the splits

President Muse Bihi Abdi is adding political problems to the military reverses he has suffered in his ill-judged confrontation with the Dhulbahante clan over Las Anod. That’s...

President launches anti-graft campaign

Mogadishu's first big corruption trial in years is in full flow, but suspicions of scores being settled while business goes on as usual are casting a shadow

Four civil servants face heavy penalties if they are convicted of stealing public funds in the first corruption trial in living memory. President Hassan Sheikh Mohamud's government...

Hassan Sheikh promises direct elections

Hassan Sheikh has pledged one-person one-vote elections despite insufficient infrastructure and security, and he is placing great store on joining the EAC

President Hassan Sheikh Mohamud has announced several bold political changes and promised to succeed in his bid to join the East African Community. He has promised one-person, one-...

Hassan Sheikh's offensive against Al Shabaab is  faltering

The militia has struck back hard against Mogadishu's forces as the government fails to consolidate after last year's battlefield successes

When Al Shabaab attacked an African Union Transitional Mission in Somalia (ATMIS) base on 26 May and killed up to 100 Ugandan soldiers and taking prisoners it struck a powerful blo...

Displaying 11-20 out of 292 results.