President Barack Hussein Obama

President Barack Hussein Obama


Date of Birth: 04/08/1961
Place of Birth: Honolulu, Hawaii

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Vol 55 N0 25


Freetown under fire on Ebola

Many put this down to an especially strong relationship between the US Democratic Party and President Barack Obama and Johnson-Sirleaf...

Vol 55 N0 24


Danger looms as piracy booms

This contrasts with its response to the Ebola outbreak, when President Barack Obama approved in August the deployment of 4,000 military and civilians to Liberia and Guinea to build emergency clinics and to speed up the distribution of drugs and medical equipment...

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Vol 55 N0 23


After the bombing, Jonathan declares

For the APC, David Axelrod, legendary campaign strategist for Barack Obama in 2008 and 2012, is working on strategy and messaging...

Vol 55 N0 22


Stepping up the fight against Ebola

This rash idea was quickly abandoned after US President Barack Obama, responding to a letter of appeal from Johnson-Sirleaf of 9 September, committed himself to massive support for Liberia, including the deployment of 4,000 troops to build 18 Ebola treatment centres...

Vol 55 N0 19


The fire this century

United States President Barack Obama offered compelling rhetoric: 'Our citizens keep marching...

Vol 55 N0 19


Al Shabaab shake-up

Failure in MogadishuUS President Barack Obama has promised to 'degrade and defeat' extremist groups from the Middle East to Somalia, notably through aerial attacks and providing organisational support to local allied forces...

Vol 55 N0 19


Power fraud unravels

In particular, he would like to stay close to US President Barack Obama, whose multi-billion Power Africa programme is another legacy for both of them...

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Vol 55 N0 16


Dollars, security and a few surprises

For many, the most emblematic moment of Washington's maiden Africa summit on 4-6 August came at the end of an intense day of economic and commercial debate on 5 August, when President Barack Obama sat in on a 15-minute discussion with Takunda Chingonzo, a 21-year-old internet entrepreneur from Zimbabwe...

Vol 55 N0 16


The science of summitry

The biggest draw proved to be US President Barack Obama, pulling in nearly 50 African heads of state or government in what critics had described as a belated invitation to the continent's leaders...

Vol 55 N0 14


Africa policy moves up the agenda

It was President Barack Obama who ultimately decided to suspend French-backed plans for a US air assault on President Bashar Hafez al Assad's regime in Syria...

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