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Population: 16.5m
GDP: $12.8bn

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Mogadishu gives the UN marching orders

A 10,000-strong African force is mooted as officials plan to wind down UN peacekeeping operations

Set up at the end of the African Union Mission in Somalia (Amisom) on 31 March 2022, the African Union Transition Mission in Somalia (ATMIS) was supposed to last two-and-a-half yea...

Puntland risks fracturing the federation

The latest confrontation puts the popular new constitution at risk, adding to the woe caused by Addis’s port deal with Somaliland

Regional President Said Abdullahi Dani has taken Puntland out of Somalia's federal system, sparking a political crisis that weakens national unity and threatens the devolution pain...

Politicking hinders the war effort

Manoeuvring in Mogadishu for the elections is diverting focus from the war on Al Shabaab and the pirates are returning to the high seas

Analysis of recent security lapses in and around Mogadishu show the government in Mogadishu is in danger of losing much of the ground it gained in the fight against Al Shabaab sinc...


Hassan Sheikh gets his debt deal

Somalia hopes a long-awaited $4.5bn debt write-off will unlock financing for the country and restore investor confidence

Somalia has secured a US$4.5 billion debt write-off from global lenders, marking the culmination of a decade-long process of negotiations and a major political coup for President H...


Floods put fighting on hold

A 'once-in-a-century' deluge halted troops movements while the President went on a world tour to raise funds

President Hassan Sheikh Mohamud has November's unprecedentedly severe rains and floods to thank for the fact he has not paid the full political price for the setback government for...

Trading dams for ports

Abiy's clumsy proposal to swap shares in the Nile dam for access to a port took the region by surprise

Ethiopian Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed shocked allies and enemies alike when he announced on 13 October that access to the Red Sea was an 'existential' issue for his landlocked countr...

Back to the military drawing board

The African Union is delaying its troop withdrawal and government tactics are questioned after its anti-Al Shabaab offensive suffered a heavy reverse

Nine months ago, when President Hassan Sheikh Mohamud announced a pause in its hitherto successful anti-Al Shabaab offensive, prospects were good. Unusual clan alliances and pressu...

Displaying 1-10 out of 289 results.