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Population: 17.06m
GDP: $7.37 bn.
Debt: $2.96 bn.

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Clashes damage recognition campaign

The security force shootings in Las Anod have highlighted the grievances of Somaliland residents who don't want independence for the statelet

The security force shootings in Las Anod at the turn of the year are having major repercussions in the region, including on the disputed Sool region and on Hargeisa's long-running ...


Washington's K-Street lobbyists take on Hargeisa

Worried by Somaliland President Muse Bihi Abdi's bid to get the US to recognise his government as independent from Somalia, some clan leaders have hired advisors

The political and diplomatic battle between the federal government of Somalia and Somaliland has been given an unusual twist. Washington lobbyists, Von Batten-Montague-York, led by...


Trouble ahead for Hassan Sheikh's united front

The anti-Al Shabaab offensive has the wind in its sails, but maintaining its momentum presents the President with deep problems

The humanitarian situation will remain dire in 2023. Any rains that do come cannot restore an already devastated ecosystem and emergency aid to the starving will still be hampered ...

Al Shabaab lashes out after heavy losses

The recent bomb attack in the capital reveals weakness in Al Shabaab, which is at its lowest military ebb for years

The horrific Al Shabaab bombing in Mogadishu on 29 October which killed 100 and wounded more than 400 showed the jihadists' defiance in the face of President Hassan Sheikh Mohamud'...

Closing down the opposition

President Muse Bihi Abdi looks to be succeeding in his campaign to neutralise the opposition and consolidate the extension of his own presidential term by two years, regardless of ...

Clans take the fight to Al Shabaab

Deadly food shortages and Al Shabaab's punitive taxes are driving clan leaders to fight the Islamist militia 'to the death', radically changing the balance of forces in the civil war

International aid agencies, distracted by Russia's war in Ukraine, are struggling to send food and medicines to alleviate famine conditions threatening nearly half of Somalia's 17 ...

Why security bungled response to hotel massacre

Despite talking tough against Al Shabaab, President Hassan Sheikh has not stopped terror attacks, much less reformed the security system as he promised

The new government's failure to replace compromised state security officers and a catalogue of other errors explains how Al Shabaab was able to attack the Hayat Hotel in central Mo...

Food crisis deepens as world looks to Ukraine

New President Hassan Sheikh has to respond to the imminent deaths of tens of thousands from starvation – a calamity which his foes, local and foreign, will try to exploit

The worsening drought and food crisis in Somalia – where someone is likely to die every 48 seconds from acute hunger linked to conflict according to British aid agencies &nda...


Hassan Sheikh seeks new foreign allies

The new president has been touring the region, gauging his support among the neighbours and geopolitical heavyweights as tensions build

With funding and diplomatic attention diverted to Ukraine, President Hassan Sheikh Mohamud and his fellow leaders in the Horn of Africa are trying to manage the region's security c...

Displaying 1-10 out of 267 results.