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Population: 107.4m
GDP: $205.13bn
Debt: 30.5% of GDP (2024)

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Abiy tries to restart liberalisation agenda

A new bill paves the way for overseas banks to acquire stakes in domestic lenders, after the civil war in Tigray stymied a previous attempt

Abiy Ahmed’s government appears to be attempting to breathe new life into liberalising Ethiopia’s economy. The Council of Ministers in Addis Ababa has approved a bill t...


Abiy keeps Addis on side but alienates the nation

Insurgencies rage in the three largest regions but the Prime Minister has reinforced his grip on the capital

Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed's political shapeshifting has cost him popular support in the Amhara, Oromia and Tigray regions leaving only those in power in Addis Ababa and the regiona...

How war sank the development plan

After the devastating human cost of the Tigray war comes its destruction of the country’s economic base

Almost six years since taking office, Ethiopia's Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed presides over an economy that falls far short of the grand ambitions set forth in the 2019 Homegrown Econ...

Addis enters the debt talks tunnel

Abiy Ahmed’s government is edging towards an IMF deal as it approaches a March deadline for a debt agreement

Three years after Ethiopia officially requested relief under the G20-backed Common Framework for debt treatments beyond the Debt Service Suspension Initiative (DSSI), Prime Ministe...


Taking Amhara to Washington

Loyalists to Abiy Ahmed turned dissidents take their case to the US capital to lobby Congress and the Biden administration

The ultra-nationalist Amhara Fano Unity Council (AFUC) led by Fano militia leader Mihret Wodajo is stepping up its political advocacy in the United States after registering lobbyi...

Demeke's exit points to deepening rifts

Whether the foreign minister jumped or was pushed, the lesson is clear – zero tolerance for debate in government

The fall-out that triggered the exit of long-serving Deputy Prime Minister and Foreign Minister, Demeke Mekonnen is another sign of the widening gap between Prime Minister Abiy Ahm...

Oromo peace momentum falters

There were high hopes of a resolution to the OLA insurgency, but the will is not yet there on the rebel side and Abiy fears a deal may alienate other regions

The outlook for a settlement between the government and the Oromo Liberation Army (OLA) has taken a hit: fighting has resumed after peace talks ended in acrimony late last year. Th...

Reality catches up with gambler Abiy

Prime minister Abiy's diplomatic ploy may distract attention from a weakening central state and economy

Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed's announcement on New Year's Day that his country would be granted access to the Red Sea by the breakaway republic of Somaliland illustrates his penchant ...

Displaying 1-10 out of 311 results.