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Population: 120.28m
GDP: $80.56 bn.
Debt: $26.56 bn.

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A fragile truce with many foes

Peace negotiations in Tigray will need careful nurturing to survive while crises among other nationalities reach boiling point

Hopes are high that last year's peace agreement between Tigrayan leaders and the federal government in Addis Ababa can be sustained, but there is a long way to go. The original tim...

Tentative steps towards peace

The reluctance of some to negotiate, tricky problems between allies, and arm-twisting from the west make for a complex negotiating picture

The fledgling peace process between the Ethiopian federal government and the Tigrayan People's Liberation Front has evolved from a mere cessation of hostilities agreed in Pretoria ...

Addis Ababa and Tigray sign an uneasy truce

A trio of African politicians have presided over a tentative step towards ending the world’s deadliest conflict

The truce signed between Addis Ababa's federal forces and Tigrayan representatives in Pretoria on 2 November opens the prospect of an end to the fighting and resumption of essentia...



Federal and Tigrayan leaders open talks in South Africa

The fighting rages on and humanitarian conditions worsen in Tigray as the rival sides start to negotiate – a ceasefire is top of the agenda

Fast moving events on the battlefield where several Tigrayan towns have fallen to Federal forces in recent weeks threaten progress at the peace talks between the federal Ethiopian ...


Addis and Tigray return to the battlefields

Tigrayan and federal forces are blaming each other for scuppering the truce and they are right – both sides were planning for more fighting

Ahead of the resumption of fighting in early September, both Tigrayan and federal forces had repositioned their troops as tensions rose amid the faltering peace process. This follo...


Advancing towards stalemate

Federal government forces are yet to make a military breakthrough despite sustained attacks on Tigray on multiple fronts

It is now clear that both the federal and Tigrayan forces used the nearly nine-month truce to quietly prepare for war. Despite maintaining a façade of commitment to peace, t...

Downing a ceasefire

The shooting down of a plane apparently bound for Tigray by Ethiopia's air force on 24 August could confirm a return to civil war after five months of ceasefire. Ethiopia's air for...

Heat of war shifts to the centre

Tensions may be easing between Addis and Tigray, but in Oromia the bitterness of ethno-nationalist conflict remains strong

The intensity of violence between Oromo and Amhara communities is militating against Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed's attempts to co-opt moderates on both sides, as fresh atrocities mul...

Abiy risks Amhara backlash

Abiy seems to be mulling peace with Tigray, but this could pit him against his former allies and deepen other conflicts

While humanitarian aid deliveries to Ethiopia's war-torn northern Tigray region have increased since a truce was announced in March, they have been nowhere near enough to resolve a...

Displaying 1-10 out of 283 results.