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Population: 120.28m
GDP: $80.56 bn.
Debt: $26.56 bn.

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Officials send conflicting signals over poll dates

After problems with voter registration and security, the chances of another delay in elections are increasing to the frustration of the government

Government officials have told Africa Confidential that there will be no further delays to the polls scheduled for 5 June, and that campaigning has started in earnest. They add tha...


Issayas in for the long haul

Asmara sends more military units across the border to Tigray and beyond, despite its pledge to withdraw

Ethiopian officials are preparing for national elections in early June against a backdrop of political and economic reversals for Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed. Despite growing violenc...


Aid with election strings attached

The EU is tag teaming with the US to keep up pressure on Addis Ababa for reconciliation measures ahead of the June election

The European Union will send an election observation mission for June's general elections in Ethiopia, and has restarted sending humanitarian aid to the country, but there are stri...


Addis and Asmara exchange vows

Ethiopia and Eritrea may consider a federation as the conflict in Tigray becomes part of a wider reordering of regional geopolitics

Efforts to float a trial balloon for greater closeness between Eritrea and Ethiopia by Ambassador Dina Mufti at his weekly press conference in Addis Ababa at the end of last month ...


Abiy gives first ground

Prime Minister Abiy has finally admitted to an open secret about Eritrean troops, but the guerrilla war in Tigray rumbles on

Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed has finally, if grudgingly, admitted to Ethiopia's House of People's Representatives on what everybody has known for months: Eritrean troops are operating...

Stirring the regional pot

A burgeoning Ethiopia-Eritrea-Somalia axis is resetting relations all over the Horn and undermining regional institutions

Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed is fending off all pleas for mediation and accountability for human rights abuses committed during his campaign to defeat the Tigrayan People's Liberation...

Displaying 51-60 out of 283 results.