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Washington eyes a base at Berbera

Intensifying competition between the US, Russia, China and the Gulf states boosts the strategic importance of Somaliland's port

Somaliland President Muse Bihi Abdi's trip to Washington DC last month may not have resulted in an exchange of ambassadors, but it looks as though the statelet will achieve de fact...

Any port in a storm

Both the structure and the timing of the deal between the United Arab Emirates' DP World and the Somaliland port of Berbera on 1 March raise big questions. The deal gives DP World ...

Polls poser for politicians

A delay to the elections is damaging Somaliland’s democratic credibility as Mogadishu’s electoral timetable takes a knock

Somaliland's reputation for dependability and as the most democratic entity in the Horn of Africa has been on the slide since Parliament decided this month not to go ahead with Jun...

The recognition blues

Elections make Somaliland more democratic but don’t make international recognition more likely or end a simmering row with Garowe

When the United States officially recognised the new government of Somalia’s President Hassan Sheikh Mohamud on 20 January, there was dancing in the streets of Mogadishu but there ...

The Puntland problem

In March 2013 Puntland, the semi-autonomous region in the north-east of Somalia, will hold its first local elections using the Somaliland model (see Feature, The recognition blues)...


The Hong Kong oil company PetroTrans now looks unlikely to invest in the key port of Berbera after negotiators pressed too hard for formal recognition of Somaliland, we hear.

To Berbera and beyond

A Chinese company is backing infrastructure projects to develop secessionist Somaliland and give Ethiopia greater access to the sea

Port and energy deals signed between a private Chinese company and the breakaway government of Somaliland should provide the region with the most important boost it has ever receiv...

We’re here to be recognised

Decent elections, an orderly transition and plans for investment bring hope at last to a small nation

A credible vote will not bring prosperity without international recognition. On 26 June, Ahmed Mohamed ‘Silanyo’, leader of the Development and Solidarity Party (Kulmiye) was elect...

Third time lucky

In the run-up to the presidential election, due but not confirmed in April, political squabbles are increasing. President Dahir Riyale Kahin accused his rival, Ahmed Mohamed Silany...

American airlift

When United States special forces landed near the Shabaab-held Somalian town of Barawe to assassinate and carry off several members of the Al Shabaab jihadist group on 12 Septembe...

Displaying 1-10 out of 13 results.