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Population: 52.44m
GDP: $104bn
Debt: 73% of GDP (2024)

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After the protestors won the tax war

Wrongfooted by national demonstrations, state security officers are suspected of sabotage and running agents provocateurs

After their protests forced President William Ruto to abandon the government’s Finance Bill and its planned US$2.4 billion tax rises, the Generation Z activists face their ow...

Calls grow to regulate ballooning carbon credits

President William Ruto holds up carbon trading as his country’s next big export but climate activists want much tighter controls

By elevating carbon credits to the top of the climate finance agenda President William Ruto has made Kenya a key player on environment policy in Africa. He has won public backing f...

Ruto revels in the western embrace

Washington offers military deals and pushes hefty investments as Kenya's President is feted in the US capital

Investment deals worth billions of dollars may have been secured, but geopolitics was the main agenda item during President William Ruto's four-day state visit to the United States...


Inquiry into claims of British army abuses goes public

The National Human Rights Commission says 43 complaints of human rights abuses have been filed against British troops in Nanyuki

The parliamentary inquiry into human rights abuses committed by British soldiers is set to intensify this week. The National Assembly will hold a series of four public hearings bet...


One party in a state

A year ago, the United Democratic Alliance (UDA) had pretensions of establishing a one-party state modelled on Daniel arap Moi’s Kenya African National Union. Instead, it loo...

Ruto (and Raila's) man in Addis

Raila Odinga is looking increasingly odds-on to become the next chair of the African Union Commission (AUC). If successful, he will have an old ally with him in Addis Ababa.

Displaying 1-10 out of 628 results.