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Population: 52.44m
GDP: $104bn
Debt: 73% of GDP (2024)

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Austerity is no brake on Ruto's ambitions

The President's political dominance after his first full year in office is near total

The speed at which William Ruto shoe-horned his allies into key positions in the political and economic system after his election as president less than 18 months ago still shocks ...

Auditor in the dock

The outspoken chief budget auditor has been arrested in politically convenient circumstances

The arrest of Margaret Nyakang'o, the widely respected head of Kenya's budget watchdog, on what appear to be trumped up fraud charges, has prompted concerns about the scale of graf...


Ruto eyes privatisation to balance the books

Kenya names first batch of state companies up for sale as part of plan to prioritise debt repayment but has increased reliance on IMF and World Bank

Kenya's Treasury has published a list of 11 state companies that are up for sale to private investors but the market is likely to be underwhelmed by the wares on offer. The Kenyatt...



Finance needed before UN police mission, say ministers

Plans to deploy personnel to tackle gang violence in Haiti have been held up in the courts and by a lack of funding for training

The mission in which 1,000 Kenyan police officers would lead a UN multinational deployment in Haiti appear are being held up by disputes over funding and training, ministers in Nai...


Pay more to be Kenyan

Kenyans are bracing themselves for at least two years of fiscal austerity as William Ruto's government prioritises its Eurobond repayments. And the pain just keeps coming.

Ruto's plan to profit from the ports hits problems

The government aims to raise quick cash from privatising state assets but opposition is mounting

The radical plans to purge the political elite and its economic projects after William Ruto's presidential election victory last year are running out of steam. In some places they'...


King Charles to be confronted with demands for restitution

In Kenya this week, the British monarch will try to strengthen ties with a key partner and acknowledge past wrongs as calls grow for a reckoning for European colonialism

Britain's colonial legacy and human rights abuses hang over the four-day visit by King Charles to Kenya this week. The visit is the first by the King to an African or Commonwealth ...


Ruto's reshuffle rewards the technocrats

Musalia Mudavadi is the main winner as technocrats gain ground and some political jobbers are moved sideways

Loyalty over talent was a common criticism when President William Ruto unveiled his ministerial team last September. Co-opting former rivals and rewarding those who backed his pres...

Cross-party talks open, carrots provided

A new cross-party committee will strengthen ambitious politicians and steer clear of the cost-of-living crisis

The prospect of a political deal between President William Ruto and opposition Azimio la Umoja leader Raila Odinga is unsettling some of their followers and allies who fear they co...

Displaying 31-40 out of 628 results.