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Alarms sound on debt, inflation and food

International financial institutions warn that economic dislocation from Moscow's war on Ukraine could trigger social upheaval on the continent

Senior officials in the UN and other international agencies have been ratcheting up their analyses of the damage to Africa's economies following Russia's invasion of Ukraine. Ahunn...

Trade curbs and price spikes deepen food crisis

Big grain producers are imposing export controls and farmers face rocketing fertiliser costs

Without concerted international action about 400 million people, many in Africa, will face chronic food shortages due to disruptions after Moscow's invasion of Ukraine, according t...

Africans in the lead

By the end of this year, two of the most important international organisations, the World Trade Organization and the World Bank's private sector arm, the International Finance Corp...

Diversification or bust

The Bretton Woods Institutions warn that it's no good waiting for another commodity boom

Governments and companies in Africa should not expect an early recovery of their commodity exports to boost flagging trade, says Albert Zeufack, the World Bank's Chief Economist fo...

Africa’s growth plans face stronger headwinds

In a much harsher international climate, Africa’s economic managers are promoting regional trade and boosting investment in power and transport

Bankers hosting parties for their government friends were a little more discreet than usual – perhaps in deference to rising political and economic uncertainties – at t...

Physician heal thyself

As they lose their primacy in development and finance, the Bank and Fund are searching for new roles – such as fighting inequality and climate change

Reform and reorganisation are under way at the World Bank and International Monetary Fund as developing countries demand better policies to promote growth and a bigger stake &ndash...

Bankers of the world unite

Africa cannot avoid current global financial uncertainties but its higher growth is bringing in bankers bearing cheaper loans and Asian investors

Frustration and disarray among policy-makers on the Eurozone recession and fears of a slowdown in Asian growth dominated the Annual Meetings of the International Monetary Fund and ...

Displaying 1-10 out of 56 results.