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What did the UN COP28 Climate summit deliver for Africa?

The final communiqué at the end of the UN COP28 summit in Dubai on 13 December produced what its authors hailed as a breakthrough – it approved a roadmap for 'transitioning away from fossil fuels' | By Tim Concannon

It was a first for a UN Climate Conference. But it stopped short of what many delegates had called for – 'a phase-out' of the use of coal, gas and oil. Following the transition roa...



Mind the adaptation gap

Funding for the continent's economies to adapt to extreme weather falls far short of the rising demand

Government spending on climate change adaptation projects across Africa is currently ten times higher than support for adaptation, according to a new report by the UN Environment P...


Nairobi vies for green capital status

William Ruto advances his own, and Kenya's interests, but fails to pull in much climate finance from industrial economies

Having spent much of the first year of his presidency staking out the ground as one of Africa's leading voices on climate change and energy policy, Kenya's William Ruto was the nat...

Who will fund the new fund?

With two months until the November deadline set at last year's COP climate change summit for the 'loss and damage' fund compensating victims of climate change to be finalised, dele...

Displaying 1-10 out of 29 results.