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Debt and geopolitics slow Africa's growth

The continent's economic juggernauts – Egypt, Nigeria and South Africa – are stuttering while smaller and nimbler economies are growing far faster

Concerns about growth and investment levels in Africa are deepening due to much slower growth in China, capital flight to western economies and the risks that a wider war in the Mi...

Demands grow for reforms

African governments are boosting their voice in international fora but the changes are yet to translate into a substantive power shift

The first IMF and World Bank annual meetings to be held in Africa for 50 years, delivered some gains for the continent against the backdrop of heightened geopolitical tensions in t...

Governments pushed close to the edge

Africa's slowing growth heightens worries on food security, debt service costs, roaring inflation and climate finance

The global downturn will hit Africa's economies harder than any other region according to the latest forecast from the International Monetary Fund: average growth in Africa is set ...

Displaying 1-10 out of 58 results.