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Crying Wolfowitz

Critics of the Bank's new corruption policy say it will cut aid to Africa and punish the poor

In the face of strong opposition from Britain, France and Germany, Bank President Paul Wolfowitz pushed through his anti-corruption strategy at the World Bank-International Monetar...

Millennial crisis

Rich countries cannot agree on policies to boost African economies

African economies will still fail to meet the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) on poverty reduction, health and education, according to the latest analysis released at the Inter...

Missing the goals

Rich countries are reneging on promises to finance education for the poorest children

Governments of poor countries and the World Bank fear that they will not get the funds to meet the Millennium Development Goals. A new Bank study says that world-wide aid flows nee...

Going Dutch

The generous Netherlands' foreign aid programme is being overhauled to concentrate on a reduced list of 36 countries, with defined priorities. African countries will get just over ...

The terror factor

The fear of more failed states may scare the West into increasing aid for Africa

Rich countries have made grand promises at no fewer than three summit meetings this year – in Monterrey, Kananaskis and Johannesburg. However, their African counterparts did not ex...

Bio's bio

Benin's Finance Minister, Abdoulaye Bio Tchane, will take over as the International Monetary Fund's Africa Department chief next month. He was once tipped as a potential prime mini...

The other war

Casualties in Africa's economic battles are outstripping those in the military campaigns in Asia and the Middle East

Watching Africa's halting economic progress amid war and recession, World Bank officials are launching an emergency drive for aid. Despite a decade of economic reform and debt reli...

Displaying 21-30 out of 39 results.