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A new flag in North Africa

After capturing areas to rule over in Iraq and Syria, IS finds jihadist groups flocking to its banner, including in the Maghreb and Sinai

New Islamist groups in the Maghreb are now joining those which have already declared their affiliation to 'Islamic State' (IS or Da'ish). The governments in conflict with the jihad...

Comrades in arms deals

Ever more visits by European and US military officials to North African capitals suggest old connections are back on course

The global news agenda has moved on since the attack on the Tiguentourine gas plant near In Amenas in Algeria in January 2013 and the ousting of Egyptian President Mohamed Mursi th...

Brothers unbound

From Cairo to Casablanca, the Muslim Brotherhood is giving shape to the Islamist parties that are profiting from the Arab Spring

In North Africa, only the rulers of Algeria and Morocco have survived the Arab Spring: in Morocco, because the King has now allowed Islamists to form a government and in Algeria, b...

Revolts change regional alliances

Incumbent regimes are reshaping their strategies to address the democracy wave and to maintain their anti-terror posture

As the ‘Arab Spring’ plays out across North Africa and the Middle East, the national uprisings are not only arousing new fear among ruling elites but also changing the shape of reg...

Winners of the wave

With two autocrats felled in less than a month, the big winner in North Africa’s democracy wave is clearly people power, previously a rarity on the streets of Tunis and Cairo, and ...

Playing dominoes

The autocratic regimes in Algeria and Libya are making concessions in the hope of resisting the democracy movement that started in Tunisia

For now, Algiers is what locals call 'normal', a condition in which roadblocks and tight security prevail, mixed with spiralling living costs, massive overcrowding and poor publi...

Crisis on the Nile

The confrontation over the Nile waters, which pits Egypt and Sudan against the five downstream countries, is escalating into a major regional crisis following the collapse of a min...

Whiskey doubles all round

All of North Africa’s leaders will have something to celebrate in 2009, even if the majority of their populations won’t

North Africa’s leaders are among the longest-serving in the world and the most immune to democratic impulses. In comparison, Africa south of the Sahara with its multiparty election...

Elite and underground politics

Islamist militants vie with ageing autocrats for political supremacy while the region’s voters look for jobs and security

Algeria starts 2008 haunted by the threat of a return to wide-ranging Islamist terrorism and political inertia as President Abdelaziz Bouteflika looks set to change the constitutio...

Displaying 1-10 out of 23 results.