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Contract Cavalcade

The last few months have seen a sharp increase in Asian involvement in North Africa

Asian companies are making headway in North Africa. In April, South Korea's Daewoo Engineering emerged as the preferential bidder on a US$650 million town project, complete with r...

Old soldiers never die

Intimations of mortality are becoming more evident but the region is dominated by septuagenarian zaims

While intimations of mortality grow ever greater for North Africa’s veteran political leaders, septuagenarian zaïms (big men) will continue to run much of the region. Age it seems...

Ponderous politicians

Political change is lagging well behind the governments' market economic strategies

EGYPT: President and retired airforce General Hosni Mubarak retains great faith in his political longevity. He cracks down on dissenters, reflected in the five-year gaol term hande...

Time to deliver

Despite the usual political pressures, North Africa's oil and gas producers, led by Algeria, Libya and Egypt, had a prosperous year. Their foreign reserves built up on the back of ...

Fresh start for old faces

Elections in Algeria and Tunisia, and Libya's opening to the West, will give familiar faces a new look. The Libyan regime watched Iraq like a hawk and President Saddam Hussein's ov...

Hands across the water

After the Iraq war, the European Union looks south once again

There was plenty of shock and awe in the Maghreb and other corners of the Arab world at the speedy collapse of President Saddam Hussein's regime. No North African government suppor...

A defining terror

Expanding economies and dealing with Islamism dominate policy

North Africa's international relations will be defined this year, as last, by two things: the United States-led 'war on terrorism', targeting Islamist radicals, and efforts to inte...

Cross-border pressures

Regional quarrels are rumbling across the Maghreb

A ten-year ceasefire between Morocco and the Polisario Front liberation movement is in danger of being broken, now that the United Nations is threatening to pull out of Western Sah...

Branch office

The European Commission is contemplating yet another development bank, this time to boost the integration of North Africa's economies into the European-Mediterranean market ­ a...

Displaying 11-20 out of 23 results.