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Taking the politics out of AGOA

US senators introduce a bill to extend the sub-Saharan Africa trade pact

United States senators are hoping to take US/Africa trade policy out of party politics in an election year, with Republican Jim Risch and Democrat Chris Coons having tabled a bill ...


Kanu's lobbyists for Biafra step up campaign

The separatist leader refused to appear in court in Abuja on 8 February but has more wealthy supporters in Washington DC

The campaign for a 'Jewish Autonomous Region in Biafra' is trying to boost its profile after hiring new lobbyists in the United States. Its backers hope to rekindle the political a...

Murky waters around Tobruk

Eyebrows have been raised in Washington DC by the lobbying contract filed in October between the Libyan House of Representatives, now based in Benghazi, and K-Street outfit Vogel G...


Ambazonia's campaign gets a new Scribe

Separatist leader Anu Fobeneh hires Washington lobbyists as conflict with government forces drags on

Cameroon's Anglophone separatist movement, the Federal Republic of Ambazonia, to step up its lobbying campaign in the United States, after contracting Scribe Strategies & Advis...


Displaying 1-10 out of 222 results.