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Murky waters around Tobruk

Eyebrows have been raised in Washington DC by the lobbying contract filed in October between the Libyan House of Representatives, now based in Benghazi, and K-Street outfit Vogel G...


Ambazonia's campaign gets a new Scribe

Separatist leader Anu Fobeneh hires Washington lobbyists as conflict with government forces drags on

Cameroon's Anglophone separatist movement, the Federal Republic of Ambazonia, to step up its lobbying campaign in the United States, after contracting Scribe Strategies & Advis...


Abiy looks west

Pushing ahead with a pro-market reform programme as it tries to restructure its foreign debts and secure a loan from the IMF, Abiy Ahmed's government is fighting on many fronts. Co...

Arms in the night

Accusations of secret arms shipments to Moscow raise questions about Pretoria's non-alignment and its competence on security

Long-simmering tensions exploded when United States ambassador Reuben Brigety broke with diplomatic discretion last month and accused South Africa of secretly uploading weapons and...

The art of a deal

Kenya expects to complete a trade deal with the United States by the end of this year, the first bilateral pact inked by President Joe Biden's administration, say officials involve...

Displaying 1-10 out of 216 results.