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Kinshasa gets a new business Poynt man

Washington consultant tapped to facilitate meeting of US and Congo-K business and political leaders in further sign of warming relations

Officials in Kinshasa have tasked United States businessman Aaron Poynton with organising a roundtable for US and Congolese business and political leaders in the coming weeks, as d...


Ruto revels in the western embrace

Washington offers military deals and pushes hefty investments as Kenya's President is feted in the US capital

Investment deals worth billions of dollars may have been secured, but geopolitics was the main agenda item during President William Ruto's four-day state visit to the United States...

US mulls Gertler deal to secure minerals

The Biden administration risks undermining the credibility of the Magnitsky Act that was used to impose sanctions on the Israeli billionaire

The US government has proposed a deal with Israeli mining magnate Dan Gertler that would enable Gertler to sell his remaining royalty streams in Congolese mining assets and exit th...


New diplomatic chill between US and Kigali over M23

Washington blames the Rwandan army and the rebel militia group for the bombing of a displacement camp in Goma

The diplomatic chill between Rwanda and the United States has got colder after Washington implicated the Rwandan army in mortar attacks that killed at least 16 people in the area a...



Taking the politics out of AGOA

US senators introduce a bill to extend the sub-Saharan Africa trade pact

United States senators are hoping to take US/Africa trade policy out of party politics in an election year, with Republican Jim Risch and Democrat Chris Coons having tabled a bill ...


Chakwera furious at US visa ban

The United States government has slapped a visa ban on four former senior Malawi government officials, including the former Head of the Malawi Police Service, George Kainja, over c...

Displaying 1-10 out of 231 results.