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The military moves against Nkurunziza's third term bid

Demonstrators celebrate as they surround a police truck in Bujumbura on 13 May 2015 (AP Photo/Berthier Mugiraneza)
Demonstrators celebrate as they surround a police truck in Bujumbura on 13 May 2015 (AP Photo/Berthier Mugiraneza)

The latest attempt to defy a national constitution has hit the buffers as army officers claim to have thrown the President out of office

The announcement by ex-Chief of the Army Staff Major General Godefroid Niyombare on 13 May that he and a group of senior officers had overthrown President Pierre Nkurunziza was met with jubilation by crowds in the streets of Bujumbura. Niyombare declared that a 'committee to establish national concord' had removed the President because of his 'defiance' and 'arrogance' towards those who had advised him not to stand for a third term of office.


Winning battles, losing wars

Chad has won friends by taking the war to Boko Haram but seems unable to conquer its domestic demons

President Idriss Déby Itno made many regional leaders jealous when his army managed what none of the others could do – to rout the Islamist militia Boko Haram in a series of battle...

Outward bound

Morocco has been busy buying influence in Washington, extending it in Francophone Africa and tightening its grip on Western Sahara

Officials and business leaders are celebrating their successful but costly campaign to outflank regional rival Algeria in the long dispute over Western Sahara. Morocco has also bes...

Sufism’s soft power

The monarch uses the country’s long Sufi tradition to help its foreign policy and neutralise its enemies

The effort by King Mohammed VI to extend Moroccan influence in West Africa depends in part on the country's historic Sufi ties with turuq (brotherhoods or orders) across the region...

Revenge culture

Threats of sanctions and prosecution have done nothing to stop the rival combatants from a new round of attacks before the rainy season

A government offensive to dislodge the rebels from their Unity State stronghold before rains make roads impassable for its mechanised forces has triggered a mass exodus of civilian...

The runaway gravy train

Proposed Standard Gauge Railway Network | Image © Africa Confidential 2015

The history of the Standard Gauge Railway reveals rivalry between Chinese state companies as well as blatant corruption in Kampala

Ballooning costs and a flurry of accusations among the highest officials in the Ugandan government are taking a severe toll of the Ugandan part of East Africa's biggest infrastruct...

Maimane wins leadership

The Democratic Alliance has voted in its first black leader and hopes for big gains in the 2016 local elections

The emergence of Mmusi Maimane, a 35-year old priest from Soweto, as the dapper new leader of the opposition Democratic Alliance after its party congress in Port Elizabeth on 10 Ma...

MNLA on the back foot

The latest battle for territory between pro-government forces and militants threatens Mali’s fragile peace process

The main Tuareg secessionist group, the Mouvement national de libération de l'Azawad, has been losing ground – literally and politically – to pro-government forces. The government-...

Road to oblivion

A spate of trials linked to the East-West Highway, reputedly the world's most expensive road thanks to bribery and contract inflation, sent 16 public officials and intermediaries t...

Sam Pa's pals in Asmara

The secretive Chinese business executive Sam Pa (aka Xu Jinghua and other aliases) shares an intriguing past with Eritrea's equally publicity-shy leaders. This emerged from a new r...

Part of the union

The biggest trades union, the 365,000-member National Union of Metalworkers of South Africa, is confident of reversing its expulsion from the Confederation of South African Trade U...

Crime still pays

Surprisingly strong criticism has been poured on the annual report of Attorney General Beatriz Buchili, even by the state news agency, Agência de Informação de Moçambique. Last we...

Grandstanding Guelleh

On 6 May US Secretary of State John Kerry was the latest in a long line of foreigners worried about the region to drop in on President Omar Guelleh in Djibouti

Squeezed between isolationist Eritrea and the ferment of Somalia, Djibouti is a prime target for destabilisation. Across the Red Sea, Djibouti's traditional ally, Saudi Arabia, is ...

The other crisis

As government funds dry up and talks with the World Bank break down, Juba is seeking increasingly risky loans

The government in Juba is trying to make do with virtually no income. The fall in the world price of oil, the government's main source of income, has been particularly bruising. Ha...

EU adopts 'weak' code

The European Parliament is set to ratify a code on conflict minerals, putting it at odds with US legislation and angering campaigners

Pierre nears the precipice

Now that the ruling party has backed the President’s bid for a third term, hopes for a peaceful election are fading fast

Illegal gold exports

Chinese business people are accused of smuggling gold out of the country with the connivance of senior ruling party officials

Enhancing elections

The opposition call to stay away worked. The government cannot pretend it won a credible mandate

Shame about the list

President Kenyatta is gutting the anti-corruption bodies after purging mostly his deputy’s allies from public life

So far, so bad

The campaign against Mujuru continues and the opposition remains incapable of capitalising on ZANU-PF's difficulties