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So far, so bad

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The campaign against Mujuru continues and the opposition remains incapable of capitalising on ZANU-PF's difficulties

As the economy plummets and political infighting reaches fever pitch, Zimbabwe's state media chose to mark the 35th anniversary of the nation's Independence on 18 April, by splashing the slogan 'So Far, So Good' across its mastheads and tweeting, #1980sofarsogood. The spin doctors seem blissfully unaware of the underlying irony. Independence Day saw unseasonably wet weather turn celebrations around the country into damp squibs. The rain has been too late to save the crops from the ravages of a mid-season drought and massive imports of maize will be needed within a few months to stave off hunger – difficult given there is no budget for this and regional harvests are down. Clearly, someone other than the visionary leadership of the Zimbabwe African Union-Patriotic Front is to blame: the lucky girl with the scapegoat's ticket is former Vice-President Joice Mujuru.

'No condition is permanent'

Nigeria 2015 Presidential and Gubernatorial Elections Map

The credibility of the election and transition breaks the political mould and opens up the possibility of radical change

One of President Goodluck Jonathan's campaign advisors had it all figured out a few weeks before the presidential election on 28 March. 'Nigerian elections are all about regional l...


Mending fences

Militant fighters ponder their options after Jonathan loses power and a showdown over oil theft looks likely

It has been a bad month for the Niger Delta in both personal and political terms. The death of activist lawyer Oronto Douglas on 9 April, after a long struggle with cancer, has rob...

INEC and high-tech

The new technology helped combat fraud but old-fashioned politics determined the outcome

The accolades heaped on Attahiru Jega and his team at the Independent National Electoral Commission for organising the country's most credible elections to date make much of the us...

Garissa security shambles

The government failed to heed warnings of imminent attacks and reacted with ill-thought out measures

In what is becoming a familiar pattern after terrorist attacks, the government’s response to the massacre at Garissa University College (GUC) on 2 April was unfocused and hap...

Troubled road to liberalism

ETHIOPIA: 2015 Election Details

The Prime Minister is set to come out of Meles’s shadow after the elections with greater emphasis on the free market. Not all are on board

Come October, Prime Minister Hailemariam Desalegn will almost certainly be re-elected as Chairman of the ruling Ethiopian People's Revolutionary Democratic Front with only token, i...

New beginnings

The international community is backing the new optimism about the country’s prospects with cash but the military’s bad habits die hard

The euphoria that greeted the pledge of some US$1.5 billion at the 25 March donor conference in Brussels has not stifled all doubts about the political future. There is no shortage...

Poison plots and power games

President Zuma cancelled the results of ANC elections in Durban because the wrong candidates won

A new conference to elect regional leaders of the African National Congress is to be held at the end of April after President Jacob Zuma declared February's vote void. He cancelled...

Biya’s emerging dream

Dealing with Eurobonds appeals more to a President of 82, who still has no heir, than tackling Boko Haram

Could there be substance to President Paul Biya's claim that Cameroon can secure 'emerging market' status by 2035, leisurely as that deadline is? The potential to attract investmen...

Kampala murder mystery

Police investigating the murder of the Assistant Director of Public Prosecutions, Joan Namazzi Kagezi, on 31 March by two men on a motorbike have rounded up dozens of suspects. Kag...

Passport to penury

Senegal's visa requirement, in force since 1 July 2013, will end on 1 May, President Macky Sall announced at the 4 April Independence celebrations. It may be a welcome surprise for...

Coup plotters sentenced

A five-member court martial headed by High Court Judge Emmanuel A. Amadi, a Nigerian, on 30 March sentenced six Gambian soldiers convicted of the 31 December attempted coup. All we...

A no vote election

Ballot boxes pre-stuffed and ready for the elections

The pitiful turnout in the 13-16 April elections defeats the government's aim in organising them. The only queues which journalists and activists found to photograph were of police...

Spending for victory

A surge in voter-friendly spending accompanies the NRM’s election campaign and there is little the opposition can do to stop it

Geingob goes for continuity

The new President is putting the party to the fore in selecting his top team. He is pro-business, but pro-SWAPO first

Jammeh cracks the whip

The consequences of the failed coup are proving dire for peaceful dissent as a wave of secret detentions takes place

Easy on the landslide

The EPRDF wants a less crushing win in the elections in May. Meanwhile, it delicately manages the ethnic balance within the party

Bye any means

Renewed opposition factionalism means that some MPs are being recalled and bye-elections have to be held

One-way ticket

The government tries to distance itself from the radicalisation of seven British-Sudanese students at a private medical school in Khartoum

Lungu returns the favours

The new President’s health problems and his pursuit of political vendettas are not inspiring political confidence

Fresh doubts over polls

The government shuns its own National Dialogue policy, raising more questions about this month’s elections

Game of provinces

A series of arrests and plans for new provinces all look like part of Kabila’s long-term plan to stay in power