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Dollar crisis puts opposition on the streets

Zimbabwe's economic rollercoaster from 1990-2015 – Chart Copyright © Africa Confidential 2016
Zimbabwe's economic rollercoaster from 1990-2015 – Chart Copyright © Africa Confidential 2016

Economic meltdown and political anger raise doubts about the International Monetary Fund debt deal

When the government failed to pay army salaries on time on 14 July, it sparked fresh argument among ministers and ruling party barons about the way out of the economic morass. Army and other public sector salaries were also delayed for two weeks in June. Hostility within the government is mounting towards the plan, which is championed by Finance Minister Patrick Chinamasa and Reserve Bank Governor John Mangudya and backed by President Robert Mugabe, for a rapprochement with the International Monetary Fund (IMF) and the World Bank.


Finally, the AU moves in

Although backed by the UN and regional organisations, AU plans to send an intervention force to Juba are fraught with peril

African leaders' plans to send a rapid intervention force to South Sudan to boost security and protect civilians will put them on a collision course with the government of Presiden...

ANC unruffled by DA surge

Governing party stalwarts are sanguine about their prospects in the local elections but the opposition smells a breakthrough

On a cold July evening, downtown Johannesburg was abuzz with celebrities and African National Congress politicians sporting designer outfits in party colours and drinking Champagne...

Dos Santos takes stock, shares

As the President plans his succession, he takes a stronger hold of the economy while promoting his daughter to giddy heights

The centre of Angolan politics shifted to Spain this month as President José Eduardo dos Santos arrived for his twice-a-year retreat on 2 July. It is in Barcelona that he takes st...

Lungu's media vendetta

The President is determined to keep an opposition-supporting newspaper off the streets, seemingly at any cost

President Edgar Lungu wishes to keep The Post, the newspaper and news website which is his declared opponent, closed until after the 11 August election, say sources close to State ...

Kaiser the kingpin

Presidential advisor Kaiser Zulu is the architect – or is blamed for – a ruthless re-election strategy

Most people in Lusaka see Kaiser Zulu merely as President Edgar Lungu's State House sidekick but as the top aide puts it himself, nobody gets to see his boss without his say-so. He...

A gathering storm

President Kabila faces a stronger opposition but it may struggle to stay united  

There have long been heavyweights in the ranks of Congo-Kinshasa's opposition, most enduringly Etienne Tshisekedi wa Mulumba and more recently Moïse Katumbi Chapwe. Yet relations ...

Saudi wants one too

Saudi Arabia looks certain to join the growing band of nations with military bases in Djibouti, Africa Confidential can reveal. On 12 July, Deputy Chief of General Staff of the Sau...

Another restive region

The recent violent protests in Gondar city would not be so significant if they had happened anywhere else in the country. But Gondar is in the Amhara heartlands, and up to now Amha...

Big win for Vaz

In what most opponents of Guinea-Bissau's corrupt elite view as a serious blow, the Supreme Court ruled on 14 July that the appointment of Baciro Djá as Prime Minister by President...

Trovoada's triumph

The first-round victory of Evaristo Carvalho, 74, candidate of the ruling Acção Democrática Independente (ADI) in the presidential election came as a surprise to most observers. He...

A close political race gets angrier

People protest over the closure of The Post newspaper in Lusaka. (AP Photo/Moses Mwape)

The government has closed the leading independent newspaper which uncovered plans to rig next month's election

Credible claims of bias at the Electoral Commission of Zambia (ECZ) and the suspicious inflation of the number of registered voters are heating up the campaign ahead of presidentia...


Ellen's followers

A three-way presidential race to succeed the incumbent is developing while corruption scandals play out

Mercy and Machiavelli

Pardoning Karim Wade weakens Macky Sall's political reform programme. But he has other aims, and other opponents

Warnings of a bad election

The rival leaders are trying to shore up their shaky alliances as hate speech and clashes threaten next year's vote

Frelimo's ostrich plan

Faced with an economic emergency, the country's leaders pray for indulgence from donors and hope hungry citizens do not revolt

Gadaffi's desperate bid

The lawyers for the late dictator's son are trying to persuade the ICC to drop its case against him

Angry Sisi lashes judiciary

A ruling against the ceding of two Red Sea islands to Saudi Arabia has prompted the President to sack senior judges