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UK probes Soma’s local ties

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Corruption investigators are looking in the British oil company’s payments to individuals within the oil ministry

A secret financial report, seen by Africa Confidential, claims that the British company Soma Oil and Gas Holdings Limited has made substantial payments over the last 18 months to top officials in the Mogadishu government who influence decisions on oil and gas policy. This report was produced prior to the announcement by the Serious Fraud Office in London on 1 August that it had opened a criminal investigation into Soma's operations in Somalia.

From East to East

Questions are multiplying about the costs and sustainability of China’s loans for the region's grand projects

It is Africa's fastest-growing trade route with Asia. Chinese investment in East Africa is rocketing as Beijing seeks access to the region's rich hydrocarbon and mineral reserves a...

Attack prompts security reshuffle

A presumed attempt on President Bouteflika’s life is being put to good use by intriguers in the ruling elite

The attack on President Abdelaziz Bouteflika’s seaside residence has resulted in the dismissal of security officers judged responsible for compromising the safety of the head of st...

Coming to America – the sequel

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After three days of meetings with President Obama and his government, President Buhari has repaired the ailing relationship

It was organised rapidly but President Muhammadu Buhari’s first official visit to the United States on 19-22 July made serious progress on security, anti-corruption and energy agre...


Southern discomfort

The regime is on the defensive as protests in the south compound a major renewed threat from Islamists

Ruling and unruly parties

The factions in ZANU-PF are providing most of the interest in September’s bye-elections, as the opposition continues to implode

The fishing deal got fishier

Politicians, generals and bankers are in the frame as more details emerge of the country’s worst-ever corruption scandal and new debt mountain

A federal farrago

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The new regional governments are generating conflicts among rivals and with Al Shabaab. That looks bad for next year's elections

No end to Banda’s odyssey

She says she can’t return because it’s not safe but many believe the ex-President fears arrest over the Cashgate scandal

Condé pushes for new mine

The President wants at least one new mining project up and running by the time of this year’s presidential election

An offering to Obama

Kenya and Ethiopia want to present the US President with a victory against the Islamists in Somalia as Amisom’s funding is threatened

CCM springs surprise

The governing party has found a presidential candidate with managerial skills and a reputation for getting things done

Hack exposes state spies

A leak of over one million emails has exposed African governments’ purchase of software to spy on and disrupt dissidents

Goalfest in Addis

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A UN conference on how to replace the expiring Millennium Development Goals with a new programme looked mostly at money