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Buhari resets the clock

Nigeria charts © Africa Confidential 2015
Nigeria charts © Africa Confidential 2015

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After six months of deliberation, a new team of largely technocratic ministers faces daunting economic and security challenges

It is called 'Buhari Mean Time' in Abuja. It started as a jocular description and then became a warning: President Muhammadu Buhari will not be rushed into decisions, especially when it comes to appointments. The new cabinet has been six months in the making. Yet the naming of a potential 36 ministers, amid insistent demands for factional and regional balancing, was always going to be tortuous for a President and retired General who remains deeply sceptical about partisan politics. On military and civilian matters, Buhari values strategic thinking over tactical coups. Since June, he and his highly effective Vice-President, Yemi Osinbajo, have taken extensive soundings about how to make institutions and officials work better.


Issayas looks north

The President is helping the Saudi and Emirates' military campaign in Yemen in return for desperately needed money for the flagging economy

Long isolated in the Horn of Africa, Eritrean President Issayas Afewerki is expanding his alliances and horizons. He has forged a new strategic military relationship with Saudi Ara...

Curses and compliance

Mandatory disclosure is new to oil, gas and mining giants. They are still doing battle with NGOs to minimise regulation

Until very recently, the Extractive Industry Transparency Initiative (EITI), launched in 2002 by then British Prime Minister Tony Blair, was widely seen as the gold standard for re...

The figures don’t add up

The opposition makes political capital from the gap between foreign plaudits for the economy and daily realities of corruption and job losses

Not all Kenyans seem to know it but it has been a tremendous few years for the economy, at least according to the World Bank and International Monetary Fund. In March, the Bank pub...

Poor turnout in Dakar

It was supposed to be a showcase of West African determination to tackle jihadism but few governments bothered to show up

This was meant to be President Macky Sall's moment. The second Dakar International Forum on Peace and Security in Africa was held on 9 and 10 November at the King Fahd Palace Hotel...

PF scrambles for support

As the copper price goes into free fall, the crisis in the governing party grows ever more severe

The latest rupture in the front ranks of the Patriotic Front came when former presidential aspirant Miles Sampa resigned as Deputy Commerce Minister at the end of October. On the s...

Grace plots for power

A cabal is backing President Mugabe's wife to replace Mnangagwa as Vice-President at the ruling party's congress next month

A dramatic bid, backed by President Robert Mugabe, to evict Emmerson Mnangagwa as one of the country's two vice-presidents, is set to dominate the national congress of the Zimbabwe...

Big bad John

In the fortnight since his swearing in, President John Pombe Magufuli has made his presence widely felt, dropping in unexpectedly at the Ministry of Finance and asking pointed ques...

Museveni's pipeline dream

Confusion still reigns over the route of Uganda's oil pipeline, which is essential to begin production and export. Having signed a deal in August with President Uhuru Kenyatta for ...

Fight, don't talk

The government has decided to 'disarm' Resistência Nacional Moçambicana, in what is being seen as a victory for hardliners over President Filipe Nyusi's previous, conciliatory appr...

Koidu's future in the balance

The country's biggest diamond mine could close as its indebted owner struggles with the government to keep its licence

A ten-strong team led by Mines Minister Minkailu Mansaray is in London for crisis talks set for 16 November, on the future of the Koidu diamond mine, which is currently owned by Oc...

Dlamini-Zuma bandwagon speeds up

The momentum behind the AU chief’s bid to lead the country is increasing as the powerful coalition behind her notches up a key win

The campaign within the African National Congress for Nkosazana Dlamini-Zuma to become the next leader of the party and the country has just received a major boost. Sihle Zikalala,...

The who and the how of the presidency

Politicians gathered to agree how to choose the next president, while ISIS failed in a bid to take over Al Shabaab

Somalia's political elite has been trying to come up with a credible formula for choosing a new President next year. On 20 October, they gathered to thrash out options and after so...

Zuma man hangs on at SABC

A controversial figure fights to hold on to his multi-million rand job at the national broadcaster but is embarrassing the ANC

The cauldron boils again

High-tension state elections, low oil prices and the end of the amnesty add to brewing troubles in the Niger Delta

The oil and the spoils

The quest for oil is hotting up and fuelling tension between Mogadishu and Puntland. A proposed moratorium may not cool tempers

Guelleh battles in court

It started as a legal dispute with a business partner but now the President’s credibility is on trial and his wealth is on open display

Ouattara walks it

A decisive victory brings a chance to ease out the corrupt militiamen in government and relaunch the economy

Donors stop donating

Official development assistance trends © Africa Confidential 2015

The aid party is over. Industrialised countries are reducing their spending and postponing their promises