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General Laurent  Nkunda (Laurent Nkundabatware or Laurent Nkunda Batware)

General Laurent Nkunda (Laurent Nkundabatware or Laurent Nkunda Batware)

Date of Birth: 02/02/1967
Place of Birth: Nord-Kivu, Congo-Kinshasa

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Killers crowd in

His loyalists always had a frosty relationship with Makenga, whose mentor, General Laurent Nkunda, was replaced by Ntaganda as the head of the CNDP in 2008, when Nkunda was arrested by Rwanda as part of a deal to integrate the CNDP into the FARDC...

Call back

In 2008, the group accused a Rwandan businessman, Tribert Rujugiro, of supporting the Tutsi rebel General Laurent Nkunda, which Rujugiro strongly denied...

Prosperity and paranoia

Laurent Nkunda, and Gad Ngabo of the Forces patriotiques pour la libération du Congo (FPLC) militia, and the Mai-Mai group Cheka...

The case against Kabila's army

Laurent Nkunda), the FDLR and Nyamwasa worries Kabila and also Rwandan President Paul Kagame This is why Kagame has sent Rwandan troops into eastern Congo, apparently with Kabila's full consent...

Kagame’s troops return to Congo

A month earlier, the military intelligence section of the United Nations’ Mission de l’Organisation des nations unies pour la stabilisation du Congo (Monusco) reported ‘unconfirmed allegations’ by former officers of the renegade Tutsi General Laurent Nkunda, currently under house arrest in Rwanda, that two RDF battalions were deployed around Walikale...

Murder again

Kabila actually promoted Ntaganda, formerly second-in-command to the dissident Tutsi General Laurent Nkunda, to deputy coordinator of Operation Kimia 2...

Displaying 1-10 out of 51 results.