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Sierra Leone

Ernest Bai Koroma

Date of Birth: 2 October 1953
Place of Birth: Makeni, Bombali District

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Flying with Solo B

Over the same weekend the opposition All People's Congress held its own delegates' conference and adopted Ernest Bai Koroma as its flagbearer in 2007...

They were all contenders

He returned to Sierra Leone last October after almost ten years away and soon declared that he wanted the leadership bad-mouthing the present regime for corruption and incompetence The only opposition party that threatens the SLPP is the APC whose leaders have united behind its parliamentary leader Ernest Koroma formerly an insurance executive...

Polling in peace

Early results showed President Ahmad Tejan Kabbah running well ahead of his nearest rival Ernest Koroma of the All People's Congress...

Heading for the door

One candidate who registered by the 2 April deadline was Ernest Koroma of the All People's Congress the party of former President Joseph Momoh...

Displaying 121-125 out of 125 results.