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Sierra Leone

Charles Francis Kondo Margai

Date of Birth: 19 August 1945
Place of Birth: Bonthe

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The truth of the matter

Charles Margai who is in his 50s and is the son of second post-independence Prime Minister Albert Margai stands an outside chance of trumping Berewa and succeeding Kabbah...

Busy Presidents

President Ahmad Tejan Kabbah enters the electoral race well ahead although the prospect of a contest with Charles Margai is livening up local politics...

Kabbah, the survivor

The main one backed by younger SLPP supporters is Charles Margai who stood against Kabbah for the presidential nomination in 1996 and is the son of Sierra Leone's second Prime Minister Albert Margai...

Rebels and revenge

There may be challenges from younger elements such as Charles Margai and opposition from Sam Hinga Norman Deputy Defence Minister and leader of the predominantly Mende rural militia the Kamajors...

Big sister's olive branch

Former Foreign Minister Abbas Bundu despite his standing with the Commonwealth appears to have been marginalised by the NPRC; • An eastern/southern party or coalition including the Sierra Leone Peoples' Party which is now led by Tejan Kabba a tough contender who has shrugged off competition from younger rivals such as Charles Margai; if the SLPP holds together it would stand a good chance of winning a fair election; • A centrist coalition led by the National Unity Party seen by many as a military front with John Karimu as presidential candidate; although some in Freetown do not rule out military officers standing in the elections when they are eventually held...

Displaying 21-25 out of 25 results.