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Manuel Domingos Vicente

Date of Birth: 15/05/1956
Place of Birth: Luanda

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Joining the big league

It was the President as usual who made the decision to join though he was influenced by his confidant Oil Minister Desidério Costa who in 1999 got the publicity-shy Manuel Domingos Vicente his job as Sonangol's Chairman...

Black gold flows

Reformist Finance Minister José Pedro de Morais enjoys a good reputation but to increase oil accountability he must agree a plan with the head of the state oil company Sonangol Manuel Vicente and with Dos Santos too...

Ten years after

Helder Vieira Dias 'Kopelipa' and Manuel Vicente head of state oil company Sonangol...

Pretence of normality

Manuel Vicente head of state oil company Sonangol told Reuters on 16 November that he had ordered US-based ExxonMobil now the world's largest private oil company to cancel a tender for US$3...

Luanda looks to Norway

From August to October Norwegian-financed meetings on Angolanisation and the development of oil policy were attended by top officials such as Sonangol's Managing Director Manuel Vicente and the long-serving and influential deputy Oil Minister Desiderio Costa as well as Norway's Oil and Energy Minister Olav Akselsen...

Displaying 61-67 out of 67 results.