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Seif Shariff Hamad (Maalim Seif)

Date of Birth: 22 October 1943
Place of Birth: Pemba Island, Tanzania
Died: 17 February 2021

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Wind in the rigging

In the 1995 polls supporters of the CCM President Salmin Amour rigged the votes when it looked as if Seif Shariff Hamad of the opposition Civic United Front (CUF) would win...

Offshore turbulence

Zanzibar's Attorney General Mohamed Ali Omar had insisted he could not proceed with the case unless eight more CUF leaders including Vice-Chairperson Seif Shariff Hamad and Secretary General Shabaan Mloo were also arrested...

Island initiative

The Zanzibari opposition Civic United Front led by Seif Shariff Hamad refused to accept that result...

No man an island

Civic United Front leader Seif Shariff Hamad also detected movement...

Offshore, offside

Its leader Seif Shariff Hamad of the Civic United Front does little to ease the workings of democracy...

Island mentality

Immediately after the announcement of the (rigged) results of the last elections on 26 October the opposition leader Seif Shariff Hamad said that the new President would be 'very oppressive' in defence of his 'illegally elected government'...

Displaying 21-26 out of 26 results.