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Alberto Chipande

Date of Birth: 1939

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Scramble for Nacala

) Reliable sources have told Africa Confidential that shareholders in the local companies include senior Frelimo members chief among whom is the former Minister for Defence and possible candidate for the next Presidency General Alberto Chipande...

Partial win for Guebuza

The real surprise was the growing strength of war veteran and old-guard stalwart Alberto Chipande and his allies Carvalho Muária Sofala Province Governor since 2010; Alberto Vaquina Tete Governor; and Eduardo Joaquim Mulémbwè former Speaker of Parliament and ex-head of the Verification Committee in charge of party discipline...

The Putin option

She will not seek power herself but may back a contender like Alberto Chipande the old-guard figure who is mounting his own improbable bid for the leadership...

Comrades and compromisers

Alberto Chipande: lionised as the man who fired the first shot in the Independence war he personifies Frelimo's 'dinosaurs' and is one of its most powerful members...

Displaying 21-24 out of 24 results.