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Wynter Kabimba

Date of Birth: 12/01/1958
Place of Birth: Mumbwa District, Central Province, Zambia

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A vote about money

In Banda’s favour though is the unravelling this year of an alliance between Sata and Hichilema prompting PF Secretary General Wynter Kabimba on 7 June to describe Hichilema’s UPND as a ‘spoiler’ party...

Copper-bottomed but leaky

General Wynter Kabimba an eminent lawyer who is Secretary of the PF said on 20 August that the failure of Zambian law to enforce a foreign judgment did not in itself invalidate the judgment and called Hamaundu’s decision a temporary setback...

The Titanic sails at dawn

Mwanawasa's new Minister of Local Government Sylvia Masebo was politically groomed by Sata when she was Deputy Mayor of Lusaka and is a close personal friend of Wynter Kabimba the PF's Shadow Minister of Local Government who has been assigned to supervise the PF-run councils...

Post-KK traumas

ZAP's Vice-Chairman Wynter Kabimba comments that the 'Big Man' style of leadership 'has held back development in Africa these past 30 years'...

Displaying 31-34 out of 34 results.