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Mohamed Mursi

Date of Birth: 8/08/1951
Place of Birth: El-Adwah village, Sharqiya province

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The ball is in the court

President Mohamed Mursi’s challenge to the validity of a constituent assembly dictated by the military has been postponed amid brawling in court on the street and in politics in general...

Soldier against Muslim Brother

Whatever the outcome of the presidential run-off between Ahmed Shafiq and Mohamed Mursi the first-round results have much to say about how electoral politics have been evolving since the parliamentary elections (AC Vol 53 No 10 Presiding over chaos)...

Many are saying that the revolution is not yet over EGYPT’S PRESIDENTIAL ELECTION ROUND ONE: THE RESULTS Candidate Party Share of vote Mohamed Mursi Freedom and Justice Party 24...

Presiding over chaos

The Brotherhood was prepared for the blow to El Shater having put forward Mohamed Mursi leader of the Freedom and Justice Party as insurance (AC Vol 53 No 8 Differences sharpen in presidential poll)...

    Vol 5 (AAC) No 9 |

Mohammed Mursi

Too pragmatic for the Salafists too conservative for secularists Mohammed Mursi will walk a thin line after winning the presidency on 24 June...

Displaying 61-65 out of 65 results.