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Sherif Ismail

Date of Birth: 6/7/1955

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The lone general

Madbouly is a technocrat in the mould of his immediate predecessor as Prime Minister Sherif Ismail and he will be expected to play the same role as nominal head of a government in which prime ministerial duties are mostly shared between Sisi's private office and the SCAF...

Richer military, fewer voters

On 1 October Prime Minister Sherif Ismail announced that seven agencies affiliated to the Armed Forces and Interior Ministry would be exempt from having to return their year-end budget surplus to the state as stipulated in the Public Budget Law...

First laws, then parliament

Under Sherif Ismail who became Minister in July 2013 the arrears have been reduced by half and more than 30 exploration and production agreements have been signed with IOCs...

Consolidation is the goal

Resources and commoditiesProspects for oil and gas are promising thanks to vigorous efforts by the new Oil Minister Sherif Ismail to resolve long-standing issues with international oil companies...

Displaying 1-5 out of 5 results.