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John Pombe Joseph Magufuli

Date of Birth: 29 October 1959
Place of Birth: Chato, Tanzania
Died: 17 March 2021

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CCM springs surprise

However the CCM is hoping that in contrast John Pombe Joseph Magufuli will use this standing start to lead the party to its next victory and become national president in three months' time...

Lowassa plans his comeback

The Minister of Works John Magufuli is respected for his capacity to master a brief and his direct approach to getting things done...

The battle to succeed Kikwete

Other hats heading for the presidential ring include the Works Minister John Magufuli; former Prime Minister Frederick Sumaye who could count on the support of both CCM factions; and Information Youth and Sports Minister Emmanuel Nchimbi...

In deep water

On 7 July Tanzanian Fisheries Minister John Magufuli cancelled all of its deep sea fishing licenses on 7 July and announced that the Tanzania People's Defence Forces would begin patrolling missions to target the Asian and European illegal trawlers...

Troubled isles

John Magufuli an articulate hardworking ex-engineer has performed well in the difficult Ministry for Works...

Multi-party, single party

Other contenders include Professor Mark Mwandosya Transport and Communications Minister and discredited by a rail disaster in which 280 people died on 24 June; and Works Minister John Magufuli...

Displaying 81-86 out of 86 results.