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Brigadier General (rtd) Paul Tarela Boroh

Date of Birth: 17/7/1958

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Militants pick their party

In an online statement she fulminated against rivals of the past boss of the PAP Paul Boroh a retired brigadier general who is said to be under investigation by the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission (AC Vol 57 No 16 Juicier carrots heavier sticks)...

No oil, no money, no deal

Buhari has won some credit in the Delta over the past few months for prolonging the Presidential Amnesty Programme under Paul Boroh despite both plummeting state revenue due the oil price collapse and mounting evidence of the PAP's central role in corruption under the previous government of Goodluck Jonathan...


Juicier carrots, heavier sticks

In March General Paul Boroh who coordinates the Presidential Amnesty Programme had halted the payments to ex-militants averaging about 65 000 naira ($200) a month as state revenue plummeted along with crashing world oil prices (AC Vol 56 No 22 The cauldron boils again)...


Back to Ogoniland

) Paul Boroh the new head of the Presidential Amnesty Programme (AC Vol 56 No 22 The cauldron boils again)...

The great militant chase

Across the oil-producing South the PAP is entering a shaky period of renewal under Buhari's appointee General (retired) Paul Tarela Boroh (AC Vol 57 No 1 Big tests beckon for Buhari)...


Big tests beckon for Buhari

For that reason the government will find ways to rein in the former Niger Delta militants as it attempts to wind down the presidential amnesty programme the responsibility now of special advisor Paul Boroh...


The cauldron boils again

) Paul Tarela Boroh also from the Delta to replace Jonathan's man Kingsley Kuku as director of the official Presidential Amnesty Programme (AC Vol 52 No 13 Power to the people profits to the chiefs)...

Displaying 1-7 out of 7 results.