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Dr Khalil Ibrahim

Date of Birth: 1957
Died: 23/12/2011

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Mass murder

Its only visible spokesperson lives in France: Khalil Ibrahim a medical doctor who was an advisor to NIF hardliner El Tayeb Mohamed Kheir ('Tayeb Sikha': Iron Bar) Darfur Governor in the 1990s and now Security Advisor to President Omer Hassan Ahmed el Beshir...

The language of weapons

These rebels were joined by the Justice and Equity Movement led by Khalil Ibrahim and consisting of Islamists close to Hassan Abdullah el Turabi's faction of the NIF...

War spreads

When Khalil Ibrahim a Darfurian close to Hassan el Turabi's NIF faction claimed the SLA as an ally many oppositionists began to suspect it was a government ploy...

Displaying 31-33 out of 33 results.