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South Sudan

Peter Gatdet Yaka

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Oilfield, battlefield

The government gave the local SPDF commander Peter Paar Yak weapons with which to fight the local SPLA commander Peter Gadet...

With or without Riek

In Western Upper Nile Taban claims the support of Leech State Governor Simon Maguek and is trying to reconcile the area's two main Nuer commanders: Peter Gadet who joined the SPLA a year ago and Peter Parr a government-backed SPDF commander reportedly unhappy with the limited military supplies Khartoum provides...

Opening new fronts in the oil war

The SPDF's Peter Parr gets his guns through the government militia of General Paulino Matip; Peter Gadet a former commander under Matip fights in the anti-government Sudan People's Liberation Army...

Displaying 31-33 out of 33 results.