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Ernesto Manuel Norberto Garcia

Date of Birth: 8 August 1967
Place of Birth: Waku Kungo, Kwanza Sul, Angola

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Lourenço faces a tough rebuild

He is described as increasingly isolated in his decision-making even from inner-circle figures such as the director of the Presidency's Strategic Studies and Analysis Office Norberto Garcia and intelligence service chief Fernando Miala...

The opposition sees a new chance

Behind the efforts to undermine the united opposition front have been security chief Fernando Miala along with one of the president's aides Norberto Garcia and a close friend of the president General José Tavares...

Obrigado e tchau, Dos Santos

At the end of the central committee meeting last week Norberto Garcia – a party spokesman and Dos Santos ally who faces a corruption investigation – said that the former President's proposal 'had not been rejected' but 'would be improved'...


Displaying 1-3 out of 3 results.