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Sidya Touré

Date of Birth: 1945

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From crisis to crisis

Accusations have circulated that former Premier Sidya Touré now in opposition was planning a coup while in mid-December Conté carried out a major cabinet shuffle after rumours that he was dead...

A new front opens

Guinean President Lansana Conté is also up for re-election next year and in a bizarre offshoot of the Ivorian crisis a document is circulating in Conakry accusing former Prime Minister Sidya Touré of planning a coup...

New rebels, new danger

When the caravan reached Conakry security forces dispersed the crowd with tear-gas and arrested all the party leaders present including Siradiou Diallo and Bâ Mamadou of the Union pour le Progrès et le Renouveau ex-Prime Minister Sidya Touré of the Union des Forces Républicaines and Fatou Bangoura Condé's number two in the Rassemblement du Peuple de Guinée (RPG)...

The war moves north

The only significant political move came last May when ex-Premier Sidya Touré joined the Union pour le Progrès et le Renouveau...

Displaying 31-34 out of 34 results.